Thursday, March 22, 2018

Index to Thunjathu ezhuthachan’s Adhyathma Ramayana in English

Index to  Thunjathu ezhuthachan’s Adhyathma  Ramayana  in English

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Adhyathma Ramayanam   in Sanskrit was supposed to be written by Veda Vyasa .It was translated in to Malayalam  by THunjathu Ezhuthachan  , who is considered as the father of modern Malayalam. The book became so popular   that  almost 99% of Malayali  Hindu homes    would have copy of the book and read it during   the Karkadaka month(July August.
To the best of my knowledge mine is the first transliteration and translation of the work  in to english.The average Malayali has welcomed the translation with open hands and I thank each one of them.

8.       Note from the  translator
13.   The Parrot of Thunjan starts   singing in English

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