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Afterward by the translator

Afterward  by the  Translator
About 5 months back   when one of my e-mail friends requested me to translate   Adhyathma   Ramayana  in to English along with translation  , I who firmly believes    that   God wanted  it be done and he would do it for me  ordered  a copy of Adhyathma Ramayanam from Mathrubhumi press online  .
I  started   the translation in right earnest  on  May5th.  Then my friend asked me whethere  I would  be
Able to complete   it before  this year’s Ramayana Masa   ends,  I was not hopeful. One reason was my age   and another was   the extreme difficulty   in reading the book with   words (more than 50% words were pure sansrit)  were   joined together . Then   the God who wanted it   to be completed by the end of Ramayana Masa  ,  gave me the energy and knowledge  . Today  , on the last but one day  of the Ramayana masa   I have uploaded   the last portion of my translation.
Till today about 2500  people have visited my blog. Large number of them informed me   that   they were  using it for the Parayanam of the entire book. I have a request   to future visitors.  This great book is the treasure of all Hindu Malayalis  . All the people   who can read it in Malayalam should read it from there. Those who cannot, can use   my humble contribution. Please inform all your friends about this new translation effort.
   It is a very great book which apart from the story of Rama contains  large number of great prayers   as well as  philosophical discussion including Rama Gita.  I have been on tears  , many times   while translating it  because the lines in the book moved me to it.  To my limited knowledge this Is the first time that  it has  been translated from Malayalam to English and   put on the web. May God bless all of you,

Yudha Kandam Part III

Yudha Kandam    Part  III

Transliterataion and   Translation  by

( Rama sends Hanuman to inform Sita about the news and wanted to know her reaction. When she said she wanted to  meet Rama and nothing else  , She was   brought in a Palanquin. Rama asks her to walk so that   the monkey lords can see her.  She requests for a   home pit with fire and  jumps in to it ,requesting fire  God   to testify for her purity.  All gods and divine beings praise   Rama. The fire God brings the real Sita having accepted the  Maya  Sita . Devendra prays him. Vibheeshana requests   Rama to go back in Pushpaka Vimana.  All monkey lords and Vibheeshana want to accompany him.  Sita requests that  wives of monkey Lord should also accompany them. They reach  Bharadwaja asrama. The sage requests them to stay for a night.  Hanuman is sent to Ayodhya   to herald the news of his arrival.  Rama is crowned as the king of Ayodhya . He sends back all guests by giving suitable presents. Ayodhya prospers under his rule  . The last chapter   tells about the benefits of hearing or reading this great book.)

6.30 Sita  sweekaram

Accepting    of Sita.

Pinne Hanumane nokki arul cheythu,
Mannavan,” Nee poi  Vibheeshana  anujayaa,
Chennu  Lanka puram pukku   ariyikkenam,
Thnawangiyakiya   Janakiyodidham,
Nakthancharadhipa nigrahamaadhiyaam,
Vruthantham yellam paranju  kelppikkanam,
Yennal avalude   bhavavum  vakkum,
Ingu yennodu  vannu   paraka   nee sathwaram.”

Then the king   saw  Hanuman and told him,
“Go with permission   of Vibheeshana  ,
In side Lanka  and inform the pretty Sita  ,
To tell the news of the killing,
Of  the king of Rakshasas   and others,
And please note down her   expression  and words,
And inform it speedily    to me after coming here.”

Yennathu kettu pavana   thanayanum ,
Chennu  Lankapuram    prapichanantharam,
Vannu nisacharar   salkaricheedinaar,
Nandhidhanayoru  Marutha puthranum,
Rama padabhjavum  dhayanichirikkunna,
Bhoomi suthaye  namaskaricheedinaan.

Hearing that  , the son of wind god,
Went  and reached   the city  of Lanka,
And the Rakshasas came and treated him hospitably.
The honourable    son of wind god,
Saluted   the daughter  of earth,
Who was meditating on the lotus feet of Rama.

Vakthra prasadamalokya kapi varan,
Vruthanthamellam paranju thudanginaan,
“Lakshmananodum , Vibeeshanan thannodum,
Sugreevan adhiyaam vanaranmarodum,
Rakshovaranaam   Dasagreevane konnu,
Dukham akannu  thelinju meveedinaan,
Itham  bhavathiyodokke  parakennu,
Chitham thelinju  arul chethithu  arinjaalum.”

Seeing the pleased   look on her face  ,
He started telling    all the   news,
“ Rama Along with Lakshmana,  Vibheeshana,
Monkeys   lead   by   Sugreeva,
Has  killed   Ravana, the king of Rakshasas,
And with  sorrow going away    is remaining  relaxed,
Please know that ,  he told me  after 
His mind became happy to inform     you”

SAnthosham yethra yundayithu    sithakku  ,
Yennu  yenthu chollavathu.Janaki deviyum,
Gadgada  varnena   chollinaal,  “yenthu jnan,
Markata sreshata  , chollendathu chollu nee.
Bharthavine kandu kolvan  upayam yenthu,
Yethra  parkkanam iniyum  suchaiva  jnan,
Nerathathinnu   yogam varutheedu nee  ,
Dheerathwam  illiniyum  porutheeduvaan.”

How can any one tell the  amount   of,
Happiness   that  Sita had at   that time,
With tottering voice     due to emotion she said,
“Monkey chief   , what should   I tell?
What   is method    to see  my husband?
How   long should   I wait   for that?
Please  help  me    to arrange it , sooner.
As I do not have courage    to wait for more time.”

Vathathmajanum raghuvaran thannodu ,
Maithili bhashitham  chennu cholleedinaan,
Chinthichu  Raman Vibheeshanan  odu ,
SAnthushtanai arul   cheythaan, “Viraye nee,
Janaki deviye chennu  varuthuga.
Dheenathayundu pol  kanaika kondu maam.
Snanam kazhipichu divaya ambara ,
Abharananu  lepadhya  alankaram aniyichu  ,
Silpamayoru   sibikamel aaropya  ,
Mal puro bhage   varuthuga    sathwaram.

Hanuman came back   and told Raghava ,
All that  was   told by the daughter  of Mithila,,
Rama thought it over and told Vibheeshana with joy,
“Go quickly and arrange   Sita to come over here .
It seems she is sad   that she is not able to see me,
Make her take bath , dress her up in divine cloths,
Make her wear ornaments and apply  ointments,
And decorate   her   and  bring her   here ,
In a very pretty  palanquin  and,
Speedily   bring    her   near  me.”

Maruthi thannodu koote Vibheeshanan,
AAramadesam pravesichu   sadaram,
Vrudhamaaraya nari janathe kondu,
Mugdhangiye   kulippichu , chamayichu ,
Thandil yeduppichu  kondu chellum neram,
Undai chamanjithu ghosha   niswanam,
Vanara   veerarum thikki thirakkiya ,
Janaki deviye  kandu kondeeduvaan,
Kootam ingu   anayunnathu kandoru ,
Aashteekanmar  ananjatti agathinaar.

Vibheeshana    went along with   Hanuman,
To   the  place of rest of Sita with respect,
Made the pretty one take bath   with,
The help of some old ladies, made her up,
And later  when she was being taken in a palanquin,
A big noise    and hubbub was created  ,
Due to the monkey warriors   crowding  to see  Sita,
And by  security    driving   them away.
To avoid     the crowding   and causing problem to Sita.

KOlahalam   kettu  Raghavan  Karunya-
Sali Vibheeshanan thannodu   arul cheythu  ,
“Vanaranmaare  upadravippan undo,
Jnan ura cheythithu  ninnodu ithu yenthadaa?
Janaki deviye kandal  athinoru ,
Hani yenthullathu  athu  paranjeedu nee ,
Maathavine chennu  kandalum yevarum,
Padacharena   vrenam yennathike  ,
Medhini nandini  , kim thathra   dhooshanam?

Hearing the tumultuous    sound  That  merciful one  ,
Spoke addressing    Vibheeshana  ,
“Are   you troubling the monkeys ?
What   did I tell you   to do?
Please  tell me   what is the harm,
If  all  of them  see   the lady Sita.
All of you   go and see  Sita,
As if you    are   seeing your mother,
Let   the daughter   of earth.
Come to me by walk , What  is the problem in it?

Karyarthamai   puraa  nirmithamayoru  ,
Maya  janakajaa  roopam  manoharam,
Kandu  kopam poondu vachya vadangale  ,
Pundarkakshan  bahu vidham    chollinaan .
Lakshmananodu  Maya sitayum  suchaa,
THalkshane   chollinaal “ yetume vaikathe  ,
Viswasamasu  malbharathavinum   mathu  ,
Viswathil  vazhunnavarkkum varuthuvaan,
Kundathil agniye  Jwalippikaa,
Dandam yethum   ill yenikkathil chaduvaan.

The   Sita of illusion   who was created ,
For a specific   purpose  , whose   form was  pretty,
Became angry   by   the barbed words  ,
Which were  told in several ways by   ,
The lotus eyed   one  and that Sita of illusion,
Told Lakshmana ,  “ without any further   delay,
For bringing    belief   to my husband ,
As well  as all those  people living   in the world,
Please  make   fire burn   in a pit  ,
And I do not have   any problem to jump  in to it.”

Soumithriyum athu   kettu  Raghuthama,
 Soumukhya bhavam aalokhya  sasambramam,
Samarthyam merunna   vanaranmaarumai,
Homa kundam   theerthu ,   theeyum jwalippichu,
Rama parswam  pravesichu ninnedinaan.
Bhoomi suthayum  prasannayai,
Bhartharam aalokhya    bhakthyaa pradakshinam   ,
Kruthwaa muhu sthrayam  badanjaliyodum,
Deva dwijendra , thapodhananmaareyum ,
Pavakan thanneyum vandhichu chollinaal.

Lakshmana   hearing that , seeing  a pleasant  ,
Feeling    In Rama   with great nervousness ,
Along with    very capable   monkeys,
Constructed a Homa  pit   and lighted  the fire in it.
And went besides   Rama   and stood there  ,
The daughter  of earth also became happy,
And seeing her husband , went round him,
With devotion  three times   with folded hands,
And saluting   Gods, Brahmins  , great sages ,
As well as the fire   Told as follows.

“Bharthavine yozhinju   anyane jnan  mama,
Chithe  niroopichathangil   athinu nee ,
Sakshiyallo   sakalathinnum aakayaal,
SAkshaal   paramartham    innu ariyakka  nee” yennu,
Paranjudan    monu valam    vechu,
Vahniyil chaadinaal   kinchil bhayam vinaa,
Duschyavanadhikal   vismaya pettithu  ,
Nischalamayithu  lokavum anneram.

“ Suppose I have   thought   in my mind  of any other man ,
Except my   husband , are you not a witness to it,
As you  are   the witness   for everything in this world,
And so  please tell the world the real truth today”
Saying like this    , she went round the fire   three times,
And without  even a little fear  , she jumped in to the fire.
Indra and other devas  were   surprised  by this,
And the entire world became   still at that   time.

Indranum, Kalanum , Pasiyum , Vayuvum,
Vrundharaka adhipanmaarum Kubheranum,
Mandhakini dharan thanum Virinchanum,
Sundarimaram Apsara    sthreekalum,
Gandarwa  kinnara   kimpurushanmaarum,.
Dandhasukanmaar , pithrukkal munikalum,
Charana   guhyaka sidha   sadhyanmarum,
Narada  Thumburu  mukhya janangalum,
Mathum  vimanagra   charikal okkave  ,
CHuthum niranjithu Raman thiruvadi,
Ninnarulum pradesathingal anneram,
Vandhichethallavareyum Narendranum,
Ramachandram paramathmanum anneram,
Premam ul kondu pugazhnnu  thudanginaar.

Indra, Yama, Varuna  , Wind God  ,
The lords   of the devas  , Kubhera  ,
The carrier of Ganga (shiva), Brahma,
The very pretty   Apsara   ladies  ,
Gandarwas, Kinnaras   and KImpurushas,
Rakshasas , manes    sages ,
Charanas , Guhyakas  , Sidhas, SAdhyas,
Narada , Dumburu and other important people,
And all other people who travel in the sky,
Came and crowded   around the place ,
Where   Rama   was standing at that time,
And the king of men,  Ramachandra    who is the divine god,
Saluted   all of them  and  they,
With great love   started  praising him.

SArva lokathinnum Kartha bhavan allo,
Sarvathinnum   sakshiyakunnathum bhavan,
Ajnana vigrahanakunnathum bhavan,
Ajnana   nasakan akunnathum bhavan,
Srushti karthavaam Virinchanakunnathum,
Ashta vasukkali ashtamanaayathum,
Lokathinnu  aadhiyum madhyavum, anthavum,
Yekanaam nithya swaroopan bhavanallo,
Karnangalaayathum ASwini devakal,
Kannukal aayathum   AAdhithya chandranammar.

Are you not the   doer    for all the worlds,
You are   the witness   for everything ,
You   who cannot   be known by  knowledge,
Is the one who destroys   ignorance,
You are   Brahma   the creator  ,
You are  the eighth  of the eight Vasus(Rudra),
You are   the beginning , middle and end of the world,
You are alone and has the forever  form,
Your ears   are the Aswini devas,
Your eyes are   the Sun and the moon.

Shudhanai  nithyanai  adwayanayoru,
Mukthanakunnathum  nithyam BHavanallo,
Ninnude  mayaayaa moodi kidappavar ,
Ninne manushyan   yennu ullil orthiduvor,
Ninnude  nama  smaranam ullor ullil,
Nannai  prakasikum   athma prabodhavum,
Dushtanaam  Ravanan jnangalude  padham,
Ottu ozhiyathe     adakkinaan nirdhayam,
Nashtanayaan avan innu   ninnal ini,
Pushta soukhyam vasikkam thwal karunayaa.

Pure  , forever   , not possible for division,
You are   the one   who gives salvation,
Those who are   covered   by your illusion,
Think in their mind that you are a man,
In the mind in which your name  is there,
The  knowledge of soul  shines well.
The very bad   Ravana   controlled,
Our posts   without leaving   and without mercy.
He is today  no more   because  of you,
And we can live happily  because  of your mercy.

DEvakal ithan  pugazhthum dasanthare  ,
Devan Virinchanum   Vandhichu vazhthinaan ,
“Vandhe   padam  paramananda dwayam,
Vandhe  padham  asesha   Sthuthi karanam,
Adhyathma   jnanikalaal    pari sevitham  ,
Chithe   sathamathram   avyayam   easwaram,
Sarva   hrudhi sthitham   sarva jagan mayam,
Sarva  loka priyam  sarvagnam   adbutham.”

When the devas  were praising him like this,
The god Brahma   saluted   and   praised him,
“I salute   your two feet  which gives  immense joy,
I salute   you  who  is the best reason to pray,
And who  is served   by spiritual  masters,
Who is in the minds of good people  , is  non decaying   and is the god,
Who is in  the minds  of all , who is all over the universe ,
Who  is liked by all   and  all knowing   and a great wonder.”

Rathnakireetam  ravi prabham   Karunya,
Rathnakaram  Raghunadham  Ramavaram,
Raja rajendram  Rajanicharanthakam,
Rajeevalochanam   Ravana nasanam,
Mayaparamajam  Mayamayam  , manu nayakam,
Maya viheenam   Madhu dwisham,
Manavam  Manaheenam  Manujothamam,
Madhurya saram  Manoharam  Madhavam,
Yogi chinthyam  sada  yogi gamyam  maha,
Yoga vidhanam   paripoornam achyutham,
Ramam ramaneeya roopam , jagad abhiramam,
SAdaiva  Sitabhiramam Bhaje “
Itham  vidhathru  Sthuthi  kettu Raghavan,
Chitham  anandichu arulum neram,
Asrayasan jagad asraya bhoothyam,
Asritha  vathsalayaya  Vaidehiye  ,
Kazhchayai  kondu vannasu  vananginaan,
Ascharyam ul kondu  ninnithellavarum.

“He who wears   gem studded  crown , who shines like sun  ,
Who is the gem of mercy,  the lord of Raghu clan ,  the blessing to Lakshmi,
King of kings  , the killer   of Rakshasas,
Lotus eyed  one  , killer of Ravana  ,
Who gives rise to divine  illusion , who is  full of illusion,
Who is the  Lord of men,  Who does not have  illusion , who hates  Madhu,
Who  is the man  , who does not have pride , who is best among men,
Who is the essence of sweet and  pretty   and is Madhava ,
Who is meditated  by sages , who always goes   to sages,
Who is an expert in yoga  and is  complete   and is Achyutha,
Who is Rama with a pretty form , the prettiest in the world,
And   who is  the prettiest to Sita , I  salute him   who is like this.”
When Rama   heard this prayer  of Lord Brahma,
And was resting with mind full of divine joy,
The fire God brought   Sita   on whom  the world depends,
 And who loves people who surrender   to her ,
As  a royal offering   and saluted   him,
And all people stood there  filled with wonder.

“Lanka nigrahartham Vipinathil  ninu,
Yengal  aaropithayakiya   deviye  ,
SAnkha viheenam  parigrahicheeduga  ,
Sangadam theernu   jagal thrathingalum”
Pavakane  prathi poojichu Ragnavan,
Deviye  modhaal   parigrahicheedinaan,
Pankeruhakshanum   Janaki deviye  ,
Swange   samavesya  shobhichithu   yethavum.

“For the sake of destroying Lanka    from the forest,
You entrusted   this Goddess   to me  ,
Without any doubt    accept her from me  ,
As  the sorrow of all the three worlds   is now over”,
Raghava then   in return worshipped  the   fire god,
And with happiness  made that goddess  his own.
That  lotus eyed one  made  the goddess  Sita,
Sit   on his lap  and shined  much more.

6.31  Devendra Sthuthi

Prayer  of Devendra.

SAnkrandanan   thadhaa   Ramane  nirjara ,
SAnghena sradham vanangi  sthuthichithu,
“Ramachandra, Prabho, Pahi maam, pahi maam.,
Rama Bhadra   prabho,pahi maam, pahi maam,
Jnangale  rakshippathinnumathu aarullathu,
Ingane ,  Karunya  peeyusha   varidhe  ,
Nin thiru namamrutham  japicheduvaan ,
Santhathm thonnenan yen pothi , manase ,
nIn charithamrutham   cholvanum   yeppozhum,
Yen chevi kondu  kalppanum anu dhanam,
Yogam  varuvan    anugrahicheedenam,
Yoga moorthe  , Janakathmaja vallabha,
Sri Maha devanum  nin thiru namangal,
Rama Ramethi   japikunnthu   anvaham,
Thwal pada  theertham   sirasi  vahikunnithu  ,
Yeppozhum    athma   shuddhikkum  aa vallabhan.”

Devendra   along with   all the devas
Saluted Rama with devotion  and prayed,
“Oh Ramachandra  , Oh Lord  , save me, save me,
Oh Ramabhadra  , oh lord, save me , save  me.
Oh  milk ocean of   mercy  who is there ,
To protect   us like this ,
Let my mind always  wish to   chant  your nectar  like names, praise the lord,
Please bless  me to be able   to tell daily,
And also  be able to hear  with my ears
Your   nectar  like story  always ,
Oh personification of Yoga  , Oh consort  of Sita ,
Even lord   Shiva    always  keeps  on chanting ,
Your name  “Rama, Rama”
And that  great one   always  wears   the  water ,
That  washes your feet   on his head ,
For   the purity   of his   soul.”

Yevam pala tharam   cholli sthuthichoru,
DEvendranodu   arul cheythithu Raghavan,
“Mruthyu  bhavacha  kapi kula   veerare  ,
Athal kalanju  jeevippikkayaum venam,
Pakwa phalangal  kapikal  bhakshikkumbol,
Okke  madhuramakki   chamacheeduga ,
Vanaranmaarkku  kudippan  nadhikalum,
THenayozhukunam” yennu kettu   indranum,
Yellam arul cheytha vannam    varigennu  ,
Kalyanam ulkkondu   anugrahichedinaan,
Nannai  yurangi  unarnnavare  ppole ,
Mannavan  thanne   thozhuthaar   avargalum.

Hearing several such prayers  , Rama   told   Devendra  ,
“You have to give life to all the  monkeys   who died,
And when the monkeys eat    ripe fruits ,
 Make   all of them very sweet to them,
And  let  all the rivers flow as  honey for them to drink.”
Hearing this Devendra   said, let  all of them be like that ,
With auspiciousness  in his mind 
All monkeys woke up   as if they were  sleeping  ,
And went   and saluted   Lord  Rama.

Chandra choodan  Parameshwaranum  Rama,
Chandrane  nokki arul cheythithu anneram,
“Ninnude   thathan Dasaraham vannithaa ,
Ninnu  vimanam amarnnu  ninne kanman,
Chennu vananguka, “ yennu anbodu kettadha,
Mannavan  sambramam poondu vananginaan,
Vaidehi thanum Sumithra thanayanum,
AAdharavode   vandhichu janakane.

At that   time Lord Shiva  , the wearer  of moon,
Saw    Ramachandra   and told him.
“You  father Dasaratha   has come  and is,
Sitting in a plane    to see you. Please go and salute him.”
As soon   as this was told with love  that king  ,
Became   agitated    and went and saluted   him,
Sita   as well as the son of Sumithra  ,
Also saluted the father with great respect ,

Gadam punarnnu  nirugayil chumbichu  ,
Goodanayoru  parama  purashane  ,
Soumithri   thanneyum  Maithili thanneyum,
Prema poorvam punarnnu   Ananda  magnanai,
Chinmayanodu   paranju  Dasarathan,
“Yen makanai  piranna bhavane  jnan,
Nirmala moorthe , darichathinnakayaal,
Janma maranadhi  dukhangal theernnithu ,
Nin maha maya mohippikaayaka  yenneyum,
Kalmasha  nasana karunya   varidhe.”

He hugeed  the mysterious    divine  Purusha,
And kissed  his head  and with love ,
Hugged   Lakshmana   as  well as  Sita  with love,
And addressing the divine one  Dasaratha   told,
“Oh pure one  , since   I  loved you,
Who was   born    as  my son,
My  sorrow of   birth and death came to an end,
And Oh destroyer of ills  , oh ocean of   mercy,
Let not  your great illusion    attract me.”

Thatha vakhyam kettu  Ramachandran thadhaa ,
Modhena povaan anuvadhicheedinaan,
Indradhi   devakalodum Dasarathan  ,
Chennu amaravathi  pukku  maruvinaan.
Sathya   sandhan thanne  vandhichu anugnayaa ,
SAthyalokam   chennu  pukku virinchanum  ,
Kathyayini   deviyodum Maheswaran,
Preethyaa  Vrusha roodanai   yezhunellinaan,
Sri Ramachandra   niyogena poyithu,
Naradhadhi  Maha muni vrundhavum,
Pushkara  nethrane vaazhthi nirakulam  ,
Pushkara   charkalum  nadannedinaar.

Hearing the words   of his father  Ramachandra,
Allowed  him to go back with great joy.
And Dasaratha   along with Indra and other devas,
Went and reached   Amaravathi and lived   there,
Lord Brahma    saluted   the   truthful one  ,
And along   with his permission went to his world.
Lord Shiva   along with Goddess  Parvathi,
Riding on a bull  went to his place   with love.
 Great  Sages   like Narada  went back,
With the   permission   of   Lord Rama.
And those   who were filing up the sky,
Without reservations praised  ,
The lotus    eyed   one   and went back.

6.32  Ayodhyakkulla   Yathra

Mannavan  vandhichu  apekshichithu,
Pinne  Vibheeshanan  aaya bhakthan  mudhaa,
“Dasanam yenne  kurichu  vathsalyam  mundu
Yetanum yengil   athraiva santhushtanai  ,
Mangala   devathayakiya  Sitayaa,
Mangala  snananvum  aacharicheedanam  .
Melamayinnu  virunum  kazhinjingu  ,
Nale   angottu  yezhunalledukayumaam.

Vibheeshana , the devotee  , with happiness ,
After   saluting requested  the king,
“If  you have little   affection  ,
Towards   this slave, then very happily  ,
You should    take auspicious   bath  here,
Along with the  auspicious   Sita.
Then together   after  partaking in the feast,
You can  start  from here.”

Yennu Vibheeshanan  chonnathu  kettudan,
Mannavar   mannavan  thanum arul  cheythu,
“Sodaranaya  Bhrathan  Ayodhyayil,
AAdhiyum poondu sahodaran thannodum,,
Yenneyum   parthirikkunnathu  , jnan avan,
Thannodu  koodi yozhinju alankaranagal,
Onnum  anushtikkayennullathum  illado ,
Chennoru   rajyathil vazkayennullathum,
Snana  asanadhikal  aacharikka    yennathum,
Noonam   avanoldu  koodiye  yavithu.

Hearing   what   was told by Vibheeshana,
The king of kings   told as follows,
“My brother Bharatha  along with another brother ,
Would be waiting for  me with great sorrow   ,
And I would  not  assume  any decorations,
Without him   also   doing it  ,
Nor would  I go and live in another country,
Nor  take bath   and  accept  hospitality ,
And all that  would only be done  along with him.”

“yennu  pathinallu samvathsaram  thikayum,
Ennathu yennu  ullathum parthavan vaazhunnu,
Chennela jnan annu thanne, yennal avan,
Vahniyil chadi marikkume  pithe naal.
Yennathu kondu  uzharannithu jnan iha,
Vannu  samayavum  metham aduthangu,
Chennu kolvaan  pani  yundathin  munname ,
Ninnil  vathsalyam   illaikayumalla may,
SAlkaricheedu nee sathwaram   yennude,
Markata veerare yokke  sadaram .
Prrethiyavarkku  vannal yenikkum  varum,
Preethi  yathinnoru  panchamilla kel.
Yenne kanivodu poojichathin phalam,
Vannu  koodum kapi varare  pojichaal.”

He is living    waiting  for the day  ,
When fourteen years  would be completed.
Suppose   I do not go back on that  day,
Next day    he would jump in the fire  and die.
That  is why I am making this hurry,
The time   for reaching back  is  coming fast,
And to go back  by that  time ,
Lots   of effort    is needed.
Not that  I do not  have affection towards   you.
Please   urgently  show  your,
Hospitality   to my monkey warriors.
If they become happy  , I will also be happy,
Please  hear, there is no famine for affection,
If you    with affection worship those monkeys,
It would be equal to worshipping me.

Panasana  swarna   rathnambarangalaal,
Vanararkku   alambhavam varum vannam,
Poojayum cheythu kapikalumai chennu ,
Rajeeva nethrane koopi  Vibheeshanan.
“Kshipram   ayodhyakku   yezhunellavan iha,
Pushpakamaya vimanavum undallo.”
Rathrinchadhipa nitham unarthicha,
Vartha  kettasthayodum  purushothaman  ,
Kalathu nee   varutheeduga   yennan adha,
Poulathyas yanvum   vannu  vandhichithu ,
Janakiyodum   anujanodum chennu  ,
Manava   veeran  vimanavm yerinaan.

After   worshipping the monkeys to their  ,
Satisfaction  with drinks  , seat   , gold  , gems,
And many ornaments   Vibheeshana ,
Went along with the   monkeys ,
And saluted    that  lotus  eyed one  and told,
“For   reaching  Ayodhya   very quickly  ,
I have    the  Pushpaka   air craft.”
When the  Rakshasa  king told like this,
The best among men accepted  it with  happiness,
And told, please get it in the   morning”
And the air plane of the sons of Paulasthya,
Came   and saluted him  and he  along,
With Sita and Lakshmana    got in to it.

Arkathmajadhi  kapi varanmaarodum  ,
Nakthancharadhipanodum Raghuthaman,
Mandasmitham  poondu arul cheythu  aadharaal,
“Mandetharam  jnan Ayodhyakku  pokunnu.
Mithra karyam   kruthamayithgu ningalaal ,
Sathru bhayam ini  ningalkku akapedaa ,
Markata raja  , Sugreeva Mahamathe  ,
Kishkindayil chennu vaazhga nee soukhyamai  ,
Aasaraadheesa  Vibheeshana  , Lankayil ,
AAsu poi  vazzhka neeyum  bandhu vargavum.”

Addressing the son of Sun god and other monkey lords ,
As well as    the Rakshasa  king  , the lord of Raghu clan ,
With a smile    and with concern said.
“I would be going speedily  to Ayodhya,
You have   done the job of your friend well,
There would not be any fear of enemies to you,
Oh monkey king, oh very intelligent Sugreeva,
You go and live in Kishkinda with happiness,
Oh Vibheeshana  , king of Rakshasas,
You go to Lanka and live there happily with relatives.”

Kakulsthan itham arul cheytha nearathu,
Vegathil vandhichu avargalum   chollinaar  ,
“Jnangalum koode vida kondu ayodhyayil angu  ,
Kousalyadhikaleyum   vandhichu,
Mangalam ammaru  abhishekavum kandu,
Thangal thangalkullavide  Vaneeduvaan,
Undakavannam   thiru  manassingale  ,
Kuntatha jnangallku    theeru Jagal prabho”
“Angane thanne   namukku   abhimatham  ,
Ningalkkum angine   thonniyathu adbutham ,
Yengilo  vannu vimanam yereeduvin  ,
Sangadam yenniye  mithra  viyogajam.”

When Rama   told like this to them,
They speedily saluted him     and told,
“We also would like to come along with you,
To Ayodhya  , see and salute  Kausalya and others,
Attend the auspicious ceremony of your coronation,
And go back  to  their own houses and live there.
If this   is accepted   by your honour  ,
Then only our  unhappiness    will end., Oh lord of universe.”
“That   also happens to be my wish  ,
And your also thinking in that way is surprising .
So all of you get in to the plane  ,
With no parting with friends with sorrow now.”

Senayaa sradham nisachara rajanum ,
Vanaranmaarum  vimanamn yeridinaar .
SAmsara  nasanan anugnayaa  Pushpakam,
Hamsa samanam   samulpathichu thadhaa ,
Nakthancharendra Sugreevanuja  priyaa,
Yukthaanaam  Ramane kondu vimanavum,
Yethrayum   shobhichathu ambaranthe  ,
Mithra bimbam kanakke  danadhaasanam.

Along with the army  , Vibheeshana ,
And the Monkeys  climbed in to the plane .
That  Pushpaka airplane obeying the commend  of Rama,
Rose up in the sky like   a swan.
Along with the king of Rakshasas, Sugreeva  ,
Brother and wife  and Rama  that plane of Khubera ,
Shined   like the sun in the sky.

Uthsanga seemni  vinyasya  Sitham  bhaktha,
Vathsalan  nalu dhikkum punar   aalokya,
“Vathse ,  Janakathmaje , Srunu vallabhe ,
SAthsevithe , SArseeruha lochane  ,
Pasya  tTRikootachala uthamanga sthitham,
Viswa vimohanamaya   Lanka puram,
Yudhanganam kanga, athilingu Sonitha ,
Kardhama   mamasa asthi poornam bhayangaram,
Athraiva  vanara   rakshasanmar  thammil,
Yethrayum  ghoramai undai  sangaram.
Athraiva Ravanan  veenu marichathu,
Yen  asthram methu may , ninnude  karanam>”

After   making Sita    sit on his lap,
And showing her    all the four directions  ,
That darling   of devotees    told  ,
“Darling  , daughter of Janaka  , please  hear wife,
One who serves me well , one   who has lotus like eyes,
See the  city of Lanka  ,which is prettiest  in the world,
Resting on the three  peaks  of Trikoota mountains.
See  the battle field  which is drenched with blood,
And full of  mud  , flesh   and bones , which is fearful.
Only there,  the fearsome war   between,
The monkeys    and Rakshasas took place .
And there  only Ravana fell and died,
Being hit by my arrow, all for your sake.”

Khumbhakarnan  , Makraakshanum   yennude ,
Ambu  kondathra   marichithu vallabhe,
Vruthrijithum athikayanum   punar,
Athra   Soumithri than asthram yethame  ,
Veenu marichithu  pinneyum mathulla  ,
Kounapanmare  kapikal konnedinaar  ,
Sethu bandhichathum  kanedo , Sagare  ,
Hethu bandhichathinnu   neeyallayo.?

Oh wife  , Kumbhakarna  and Makaraksha,
Died   being   hit   by my arrow,
Indrajith  And Athikaya  died,
Being hit by the arrows  of Lakshmana,
All other   Rakshasa  lords were ,
Killed by  the   monkeys.
Please also  see the bridge   that was built,
And reason for building it is yourself.

“Kandalum undam  duritha vinasanam,
Kandalum   angu athinnithra  Rameswaram,
Yennal  prathishtithanaya  Maheswaran,
Pannaga bhooshanan   thanne vanangu nee ,
Athra  vannu yenne   saranmai  prapichithu,
Uthamanaya   Vibheeshanan vallabhe  ,
Pushkara nethre , puro buvi kanedo,
Kishkindayakum  Kapeendra poorim imam.”

“Please see the place where all sorrows are  to be destroyed,
Please see    near there  , Rameswaram,
Where   the great God Shiva was consecrated by  me,
Please  salute that  God decorated by a serpent.
And near there   the very good   Vibheeshana  ,
Came    and surrendered   to me.
Oh lotus eyed one  , and in front of it  you see ,
Kishkinda  the town of   the great monkeys.”

Sruthwaa manoharam   Bharthru vakyam   mudhaa ,
Pruthwi suthayum  apekshichathu annearm,
“THaradhuiyayulla  Vanara   Sundari mareyum,
Kandangu   kandu pooyyedenam,
Kouthuhalam   Ayodhya puri vasinaam,
Chethasi  paaramundai varum nirnayam.
Vanara veeraum   ottu nalundallo  ,
Maninimare  pirinjiruneedunnu  ,
Bharthru viyogaja dukham   minnu yennolam,
Yithra  lokathingal aar  arinjitullu  ?
Yennal ivarude  vallabhamareyum  ,
Yinnu thamme  kooti kondu poyidenam.”

Hearing with joy the pretty words of her husband,
The daughter  of earth at that time  requested,
Let us see   Thara   and monkey beauties and then go from here,
 The  people   of Ayodhya   would  be interested,
And definitely  they would be interested in seeing them,
Also the monkey warriors also for a long time,
Have   not been with their wives,
In this world   who will know as much as me  ,
About the sorrow   of parting   from the husband?
 If so   we  can take their wives  also   and they
Can also accompany us.”

Raghavan trilokya  nayakan  thannil ,
Ull akutham    appol arinju   vimanavum,
Kshoni thalam    nokki mandam mandam thadhaa,
Thanathu   kandu arul cheythu   Raghuthaman,
“Vanara veerare  , ningal nija nija  ,
Maninimaare   varuthuvin yevarum.”
Markata veerar  kettu modhena,
Kishkinda pukku nijanganamareyum,
Pokennu cholli vimanam karethinaar ,
SAkha mrugadhiparum  kayarinaar.

Rama , the lord of three worlds ,
Understanding her  inner   wish, made,
The plane slowly and slowly  descend,
And then the lord of Raghu clan told  ,
“Monkey warriors  , all of you  make ,
Your wives   to come with us.”
Hearing that  monkey warriors  , with joy,
Went inside Kishkinda and told ,
Their wives, come with   them  ,
And made   them get in the plane,
And those  monkeys also got in to the plane.

Tharar makalakiya Janaki deviyum,
Thara  Rumadhikalodu modhanwitham,
AAlokana aalapa  mandahasadhi,
Gadalingana bhroo chalanadhikal  kondu,
SAmbhavana   cheythavarumai  vegena ,
Sampreethi poondu  thirichu vimanavum,
Viswaika  nayakan Janaki yodu,
Arulicheythathu  paramananda   samyutham.

Sita who was the daughter   of the lotus flower,
Happily  met   Thara, Ruma   and others,
Saw each other  , talked with each other and laughed,
Hugged  each other and by the movement of brows,
Quickly became very close   to all  of them,
Who have contributed and the plane started,
And the lord of the universe   told lady Sita,
Along with very great   happiness.

“Pasya manohare , devi  , vichithramaam,
Rushya mookachalam  uthungamethrayum,
Athraiva vruthrari puthrane   konnathum,
Mugdhangi Panchavati naam irunnedam,’
Vandhichu kolga Agasthyasramam bhakthi poondu,
Indhivarakshi Sutheeshnasramatheyum,
Chithrakootachalam  pandu naam  vaanedam,
Athraiva kandu Bharathane Namedo,
Bhadre mudhaa  BHaradwajasramam kaanka,
Shudhikaram   Yamuna thata  shobhitham,
Ganga nadhi yathinnu angethathinnangu,
Srungi varan Guhan   Vazhunna  nadedo,
Pinne   sarayu  nadhi  angethu athu  innangu,
Dhanyam   Ayodhya nagaram  , Manohare.”

“Pretty   one, lady   please see the wonderful,
And very tall Rusya  mooka  mountain,
And the place    where I killed   Bali,
Oh pretty one ,  see panchavati, the place we lived.,
Please   salute with devotion the hermitage  of Agasthya,
Oh lady with a blue  lotus eye   ,see  the  hermitage of Sutheeshna.
This is the  Chithrakoota  mountain where we lived,
And here   we   saw  Bharatha   who came to meet us,
Oh lady, See with joy the hermitage of Bharadwaja  ,
Which is pure   and shines in the banks of Yamuna.
River ganges   is    beyond   this  river,
And this is the country   where Guha  the king of Srungivara  lives,
And then the   next is   the Sarayu river ,
And the pretty one   , the next   is  the  blessed city of Ayodhya.

Itham arul cheytha  nearthu Raghavan,
Chithamarinjasu  thanu vimanavum,
Vandhichithu   Bharadwaja  muneendrane ,
Nandichu anugraham  cheythu   muneendaranum,
Ramanum chodhichappol , Ayodhyayil,
Aamayam   yethum  nnummillayalli , mune,”
Mathru janathinnum   Soukhyam mallee  mama,
Sodharanmarkku   macharya   janathinnum.?

When Rama told like   this,
Understanding his wish  that plane went down,
They saluted    the great sage  Bharadwaja  ,
And   the great sage became happy and blessed them,
And Rama  asked  him   at that time,
Are   there   any serious problems in Ayodhya?
Sage  , are  our mothers getting along well?
What about our brothers and teachers?”

THapasa  sreshtan   arul  cheythithanneram,
“Thapam  oruvarkkum   illa   Ayodhya pure,
Nithyam   Bhratha Shatrugna   kumaranmaar ,
Shudhamakum   phala moolavum bhakshichu,
Bhakthyaa  jata valkkaladhikalum poondu,
Sathya swaroopanaam   ninneyum   parthu  parthu,
Hantha  , Simhasana  padukam vechu,
Moham thyajichu pushpanjaliyum   cheythu ,
Karmangal yellam    athingal   samarpichu,
SAmmathanmarai irikkunathu   yeppozhum.”

That   great sage    then told  ,
“In the city of Ayodhya  nobody has  any problem,
Daily the lads   Bharatha and Shatrugna  ,
Eat the  purified   fruits   and roots  ,
And  wearing   cloths of bank  and sporting matted hair,
Waiting and waiting  for you who is the form of truth,
And keeping    your foot wear  on the  throne  ,
Sacrificing their attachments  ,  they worship it with flowers,
And dedicating all their work to it  ,
And are   very much popular   with citizens.

Thwal prasadthaal  arinjirikkunnithu,
Chil Purusha prabho  , vruthanthamokke   jnan.
Sita haranavum   Sugreeva sakhyavm,
Yathu dhanvanmareyokke  vadhichathum,
Yudha  prakaravum  Maruthi thannude  ,
Yudha parakramaum   kandithokkave.
AAdhi madhyanthamillatha   para   Brahmam,
Yethum  thirikaruthathoru    vasthu nee .

By your blessings I came to know  ,
Oh divine Lord   all the news  about you,
The kidnapping of Sita , the treaty with Sugreeva  ,
The  killing of    several    Rakshasas.
Your valour in war  , the valour  of Hanuman in war 
You are  the divine Brahmam  who  does not have ,
Beginning , middle as well as end  and one  ,
Who  cannot   be  understood.

SAkshaal  Maha Vishnu  , Narayananaya,
MOksha pradhan  ninthiruvadi nirnayam,,
Lakshmi Bhagawathi  Sitayakunnathum,
Lakshmnanan  ayathu Anathan , Jagal prabho,
Innu  nee sudhamakkenam mamasramam,
Chennu  Ayodhya puram  pukkedu adutha naal,”
Karnamruthamam  muni vakku  keetu poi,
Parnasala  makam pukkithu Raghavan,
Poojithanai  bhrathru  bharya   samanvitham,
Rajeeva nethranum    preethi poondeedinaan.

“Your honourable self   is   definitely  ,
The real  Maha Vishnu , that Narayana,
Sita   is the   goddess  Lakshmi and,
Lakshmana   is   Aadhi Sesha  , Oh lord of universe,
You have to make  my hermitage pure by staying here today,
You can go and reach   Ayodhya   tomorrow,”
Hearing these words which were  like nectar   to ears,
Rama   entered  the hermitage of that saint,
He was worshipped  by the sage  along with his wife and brother,
And the Lotus   eyed  one was greatly pleased.

6.33 Hanumal Bharatha Samvadam

The discussion between Hanuman and Bharatha.

Pinne Muhurtha mathram  nirooppichadha,
Chonnan Anilathmajanodu Raghavan,
“Chennu Ayodhyapuram   prapichu   Sodaran,
Thanneyum kandu  visesham arinju nee  ,
Vanneduga yennude vruthanthavum   punar,
Onnu ozhiyathe avanodu chollanam,
POkunna neram   Guhaneyum chennu kandu,
Ekanthamai ariyicheedu avasthakal.

After  thinking    for a  little time  ,
Rama   told to the son of wind God,
“Go and reach  the city   of Ayodhya ,
See  my brother , find out news about him,
And   come back , you also have   to tell him,
My news   without leaving    anything to him.
While   going   there , you also go and see   Guha,
And when you are  alone tell him  my position.

Maruthi manusha   vesham dharichu poi,
Sri Rama vrutham  Guhaneyum kepichu,
Sathwaram chennu  Nandi gramam ul  pukku,
Bhakthanayidum   Bharathane  koopinaan.
Padukavum  vechu  poojichu anaratham,
Chethasa  Ramane dhyanichu  shudhanai,
Sodaranodum, Amathya   janathodum,
AAdhara  poorvam   Jada  valkalam poondu,
Moola phalavum   bujichu   krusanganai,
Balanodum  koode vazhunnathu  kandu,
Maruthiyum   bahumanichithethavum  ,
Aarumila ithra  bhakthanmar   avaniyil,
Yennu kalpichu  vanangi vineethanai,
Ninnu madurammaru  cholledinaan.

Hanuman took the form of   a human being ,
And first told news of Rama   to Guha,
And immediately went and entered  Nandi Grama,
And saluted   Bharatha  who was a devotee.
Always   worshipping   the slippers of Rama  ,
Meditating  Rama  in his mind  being pure,
Along with  courtesy  to his brother   and the ministers ,
Wearing matted hair    and cloth made  of bark,
Eating fruits   and roots  and with a thin body,
Bharatha   was living and was  seen by  Hanuman,
Who   greatly respected   him and thought ,
There is no devotee  like him in the world,
And then saluted him and with humility,
 Told the following in a   sweet manner.

“Agrajan  thanne  muhurtha mathrena  ,
Ninnagre  niramayam kaanaam  , guna nidhe ,
Sitayodum   Sumithrathmajan   thannodum,
Aadaraverum   plavaga  balathodum,
Sugreevanodum  Vibheeshanan thannodum,
Pushpakamaam   vimanathin meleri  ,
Vannu ippol ivide  iramgum Dhaya paran,
Ravanane konnu  DEviyeyum Veendu ,
DEvakalaal  abhivandhithanagiya ,
Raghavane kandu vandichu  manase ,
Sokavum   theernnu  vasikkam ini chiram.”

 “Within a short time you would be,
Able to see  your elder brother always,
Oh treasure of good  behaviour,
Along with Sita, Lakshmana ,
The  very respected  monkey army,
Sugreeva   and Vibheeshana.
That  merciful one will travel  in the ,
Pushpaka plane  and get down here ,
You would  be pleased to    see   Raghava ,
Who has killed Ravana ,recovered Sita,
And who was greatly  appreciated   by the devas,
Salute him   , remove  your sorrow   ,
From your mind   and  live   for long.

Itham aakarnya  Bharatha kumaranum,
Badha sammodham  vimoorchithanai veenu.
SAthwaram   aaswathanaya   neram  punar ,
Uthaya   gadamai aalinganavum cheyhthu,
Vanara   veera sirsi   mudhaa,
Paramananda bhaspabhishekavum cheythu.

As soon as   the lad Bharatha    heard this ,
Due to the pressure of joy  fainted   and fell.
Immediately  he regained   his composure  ,
Got up and  Hugged   the valorous Hanuman tightly  ,
And shed  copious tears   due to  extreme joy on his head.

Devothamano narothamano bhavan,
Evam yenne kurichithra krupayodum,
Ishta vakhyam  chonnahinnu   anuroopamai,
Thrushtyaa   tharuvathinnilla  mathethume .
Sokam madheeyam   kalanja bhavannu jnan,
Lokam maha meru sakam  tharikilum,
Thulyamai  vannu koodaa  punar yengilum,
Chollededo Ramakeerthanam Soukhyadham.

I do not know   whether  you are a deva or man,
For  having so much concern  about me  ,
And telling   with mercy  these words   which are pleasant,
I do not have anything to give you which is equal to it.
To you who have driven away my sorrow,
Even if I give the entire earth  along with  Maha Meru,
It would   not be equal to what  you did,
Now  please   tell me the story of Rama   which is comforting.

Manava nadhannu  vanaranmarodu  ,
Kanane  samgamam   undayathengine?
Vaidehiye   kattu konduvarengine ,
Yathu dhanadipanakiya    Ravanan”?”
Itham chodicha Rajakumaranodu ,
Utharam   Marutha puthranum chollinaan,
“Yengilo   ningal aa chithra koodachathingal,
Ninnu aadhi kalarnnu   pirinja   naal,
AAdhiai   innolamullor  avasthakal,
Aadramulkondu   chiollunnathundu jnan .
Onnozhiyathe  thelinju ketteeduga.
Vannu pom dukha nasam   thaponidhe.”
Yennu  paranju aryichan akhilavum ,
Mannavan   charithram   pavithram param,
Shatrugna   mithra  bhruthya amathya vargavum,
Chithram  vichithram yennorthu  kondadinaar.

“How   did   the king   get  friendship,
With monkeys   in the forest?
How did the   Rakshasa  chief Ravana ,
Manage   to steal  Sita from forest?”
The son of wind god   then answered ,
To   the  prince   who asked  like this,
“I would be now telling in detail,
About the  events   which happened,
After  you parted   with sorrow from Chithra koota.
I will  tell them all without leaving anything,
Please   hear them with attention.,
So that all your sorrow will vanish, treasure of penance.”
After saying this he told everything,
About the story of Rama  which is  divine and holy.
Sathrugna  , friends, servants  and  the  mothers,
Thinking it was greatly wonderful   and celebrated.

6.34 Ayodhya  Pravesam

Entry  in to Ayodhya

SAthrugnanodu  Bharatha kumaranum,
Athyadaram   niyogichan  anantharam,
“Poojyanaam  Nadhan  yezhunellum nerathu,
RAjyam  alankarikkanam yellavidavum,
Kshethrangal thorum bali  poojayodum,
Athyasthaya deepavaliyum undakkanam.
Sutha vaithalika   vandisthuthi  patakadhi,
Jananmgalum okke   vannedenam,
Vadhyangalellam prayogikkayum venam,
Padhyadhikalum  orukkenam yevarum.”

That  Bharatha   with great courtesy,
Later   requested   Sathrugna.
“ When the worshipful  lord is coming,
The entire country should be decorated,
In all temples  ,  sacrifices  , worships,
And lighting of many lamps should   be arranged.
We have to make arrangements   ,
For bringing charioteer  , flatterers  singers ,
And those  who sing and pray  to be here.
All  the musical instruments should  be played ,
And also arrangements to ceremonially  wash ,
Their   feet  also should be arranged,”

Rajadarangal   mathru janangalum,
Vaji gaja   radhapankthi   sainyangalum,
Vaara  nari janathodum   alangarichu,
AAroodamodham  varam yellavarum,
Cherkka kodi koragal  kodikku okkave  ,
Margam   adichu thalippikkayum venam  ,
Poorna kumbhangalum  dhoopa dheepangalum,
THoornam  pura dwari  cherkka samastharum.
Thapasa   vrundavum  bhoosura vargavum,
Bhoopathi   veerarum okke vanneedanam,
Poura janangal   aabala   vrudha  vadhi,
Sri Ramane  kanmathinnu  varuthanam.

The consorts of kings, mothers ,
Horses  , elephant  and  infantry ,
Along with   ladies from noble families  ,
Should come happily  decorating themselves,
Add  flags should fly  on  all flag poles everywhere,
And see   that   the roads   are  cleaned.
Pots full of water , lamps  and incense ,
Should all be collected fast and be,
Kept ready   in the   gates of the city,
The sages  , Brahmins  and royal warriors ,
Should also should be   present.
All the citizens including  old , and young people,
 Should be   brought   to see  Rama.

SAthrugnanum  Bhathajnayaa  thalparam,
Chithram ammaru  alangaricheedinaan,
Sri Rama devane kanmathinnai vanna,
Poura janangal  niranjithu ayodhyayil.
Varanendranmar oru pathinayram,
Therum avvanam  pathinatiram undu,
Noorayiram thuragangalum  undu , anju,
Noorayiramundu  kalal padakalum,
Raja nari janam   thandileri kondu ,
Rajakumarane  kanman uzharinaar.

Shatrugna as per the orders  of Bharatha ,
Immediately decorated  the town wonderfully,
Ayodhya    was completely filled  ,
With the citizens who have come to see  Rama,
Ten thousand elephants   and similarly  ,
Ten thousand   chariots  , hundred  thousand,
Horses , five hundred thousand  infantry.
The   ladies  of the royal family   came,
In palanquins to see  their prince  .

Padukaam moordhni  vechu bharathanum,
Padacharena   nadannu   thudanginaan.
Aadravu ul kondu Sathrugnan  aakiya,
Sodaran thanum   nadannan athu neram,
Poorna chandraabhamaam   Pushpakam anneram,
Kanai chamanjithu dhoore   manoharam.
POurajanadhikalodu kuthuhallal,
Marutha puthran paranjaan athu neram.
“Brahmana  nirmithamakiya  pushpakam,
Thanmel aravinda nethranum Sitayum,
Lakshmana , Sugrreva, Nakthancharadhipa,
Mukhyamaylloru  sainya samanvitham,
Kandu kolvin paramanada   vigraham m,
Pundarkaksham  purushothamam param.

Bharatha   keeping  the slippers  on his head,
Started  to walk   towards   it,
With respect   Shathrugna  his brother ,
 Also    walked    behind   him.
At a distance they   were  able  to see  pretty,
Pushpaka  which was looking like  a full moon.
At that time with happiness   Hanuman  ,
Told to   the many citizens   there ,
“This   is the Pushpaka  made  by Brahma,
On which the  lotus eyed one ,  Sita  ,
Lakshmana , Sugreeva , the chief of Rakshasas,
Along with the important  parts  of their army,
Are riding. Please  see  that form of joy ,
The lotus eyed one  and  the great  Purusha.”

Appol  Jana prettthi  Jatha  sabdham   ghana,
Apradestholam   mulppathichu balaal.
Bala  Vrudha   sthree tharuna  vargarava,
Kolahalam  parayavathallethume  ,
Varana  vaji rathangalil  ninnavar,
Paril irangi  vananginaara   evarum.
Charu  Vimana samsthithanam  Jagal,
Karana  bhoothane  kandu bharathanum  ,
Meru maha giri moordhani   sobhayaa,
Suryane kanda ppole  vanangeedinaan.

Then the sound of approval of the people 
Echoed    from the   sky  in a loud manner ,
The tumultuous sound   made by  children,
Old ladies   , young ones  cannot be described.
Those who were on the elephant, horses  and chariots,
Got down  and all of them saluted them  ,
Seeing   the cause of the universe riding  on the pretty  plane  ,
Bharatha felt as if   the resplendent  Sun,
Was coming out of the   top of,
The meru  mountain    and saluted.

Chil Purushagnayaa  thanithu mellave,
Pushpakamaya   vimavum anneram  .
AAnanda bhaspam  kalarnnu  Bharathanum,
SAnujanai   vimanam  karedinaan .
Veenu namaskaichoru  anujanmare ,
Kshoneendranuthsanga seemni  chertheedinaan,
Kalamaekam  kazhinju   kandeedina,
Balakanmaare  muruge thazhuginaan,
Harshasru dharayaa  sodhara  moordhni,
Varshichu varshichu  vathsalya  pooravum,
Vardhichu  vardhichu  vazhunna  nerathu,
SAthrugna poorvajanum   bharathan padam  ,
Bhakthyaa vananginaan aasu   Soumithriye,
Sathrugnanum  vanangeedinaan aadhraal.

As per  the  orders of the divine god ,
That Pushpaka  slowly came down  ,
And at that time , Bharatha   with tears of joy,
Along with his younger brother  went inside the plane,
Rama  kept the   brothers  who saluted him,
On his lap  and  hugged tightly  those lads,
Whom he was  seeing after  a very long time.
Then he shed tears   of joy on their   heads ,
And   went on shedding   tears   with great affection,
And when the  affection was  going  on increasing,
Lakshmana the elder brother  of Sathrugna  saluted  feet of Bharatha,
With devotion  and Sathrugna   saluted  Lakshmana  with respect.

Sodaranodum  Bharatha  kumaranum,
Vaidehi than   padam veenu vananginaan,
Sugrevan , Angadhan  Jambhavan   Neelanum,
Ugranaam   Maindan, vivdhan   Sushenanum,
Tharan, Gajan  , Gavayan, Gavakshan  , Nalan,
Veeran  Vrushabhan   , sarabhan , panasanum  ,
Sooran, vinathan   , vikatan   , Dadhimukhan,
Krooran  , kumudhan    Sathabali  , Durmukhan,
SAranakum Vega darsimSumukhanum,
Dheeranakum  Gandamadhanan, Kesari ,
Mathumevam kapi nayakan mareyum,
Muthum aanandena gadam punarnnithu ,
Maruthi vacha   Bharatha  Kumaranum,
Purusha vesham darichar  kapikalum,
Preetthi poorvam kusalam  vicharichu, athi,
Modham  kalarnnu vasichar   avarkalum.

Bharatha along with his  brothers  ,
Fell  at the feet of Vaidehi and saluted her.
As per the advice   of Hanuman, Bharatha ,hugged with joy ,
 Sugreeva , Angadha  Jambhavan   Neela,,
The ferocious  Mainda, vivdha,   Sushena,
Thara, Gaja  , Gavaya, Gavaksha  , Nala,
Veera  Vrushabha   , sarabha , panasa  ,
Soora, vinatha   , vikata   , Dadhimukha,
Kroora  , kumudha    Sathabali  , Durmukha,
The very important  Vega darsi, Sumukha,
The brave  Gandamadhana, Kesari ,
And several other   monkey lords.
The monkeys   dressed  like human males,
And with love   enquired  Bharatha’s welfare  ,
And  moved with all of them happily.

Sugreevane  kanivode punarannadhaa,
Gadgadha vachaa  paranju Bharathanum,
“Nonnam  bhaval sahayena Raghuvaran,
Maniyaam  Ravanan thanne   vadichathum,
Nalu   suthanmaar  Dasaratha bhoopannu,
Ini kalam anjai   chamanju bhavan.
Panchama bratha  bhavan ini  jnankalkku,
Kinchana   samsayam illannu arikeda.”

With  affection  Bharatha hugged Sugreeva ,
And in a tottering    voice   told him,
Definitely only with your  help,
Rama    was able   to kill  the respectable Ravana.
King Dasaratha   had   four   sons,
But from now ,   it has become five ,
You are   our   fifth brother  ,
And for   that  there  is no doubt. Know this.”

Sokathurayaya  Kausalya than padam,
Raghavan bhakthyaa   namaskaricheedinaan,
Kale kuninju  punarnnal , udan mula,
Ppalum churannithu  mathavinnu   anneram,
Kaikayiyakiya   mathru padatheyum,
Kakulstham aasu   Sumithra padabjatheyum,
Vandhichu  mathulla mathru janaheyum,
Nandichu avarum anachu   thazhuginaar.

Rama saluted    with devotion  the feet,
Of the   extremely   sorrowing Kausalya,
She  bent and hugged him   and then,
Milk came out of  her  breasts  ,
Of that  mother   at that time.
That  Rama  saluted  mother Kaikeyi  ,
As well as the feet   of  Sumithra   ,
As well   as the feet of other  mothers ,
And all   of them  hugged  him with joy.

Lakshmananum mathru padangal  koopinaan,
Ulkambazhinju  punarnnar   avarkalum,
Sitayum mathru   janangale vandhichu,
Modhamulkkondu  punarnnar   avarkalum,
Sugreevadhikalum  thozhuthhedinaar,
Agre  vineethayai ninnithu tharayum ,
Bhakthi paravasanaya   Bharathanum,
Chitham azhinju   thal padhuka dwandvavum,
Sri Rama  padaravindangalil cherthu  ,
Paril  veenasu vangeedinaan.

Lakshmana saluted the   feet of his mothers,
They   hugged him with   a very melting mind,
Sita    also saluted    the   mothers ,
And with happiness   they embraced her  ,
Sugreeva and others also saluted,
There   Thara   stood with great humility,
Bharatha who was immersed  in great devotion,
With  a  melting mind  deposited ,
The two slippers   to the lotus feet of Rama  ,
And fell  on the   floor and saluted   him.

“Rajyam thwaya datham yengal    puraadhyaa jnan,
Poojyanaam  ningal   samarpichhichithadharaal,
Innu  majjanmam   saphalamai   vannithu  ,
Dhanyanayen  adiyan innu nirnayam,
Vannu manoradhamellam   saphalamai,
Vannithu  mal karma   saphalyavum   prabho,
Pandethil innu  pathinmadangayudan,
Undiha Raja bandaravum   bhoopathe  ,
AAnayum, therum  , kuthirayum  parthu  kanum,
Oonamillathe    pathin madangu undallo,
Ninnude karunyamundaka  kondu  ,
Jnan   innayolam    rajyamathra    rakshichathum,
Thyajyam allottum   bhavanaal   ini thava,
Rajyavum    jnangaleyum    bhuvanatheyum,
Palanam cheyka  , bhavan ini  mathethum,
Aalambanam   illa   karunya   varidhe.”

“ This kingdom  which was given to me earlier ,
Is being returned   with respect to you who is worshipful.
Today my  life has   become fruitful,
I have definitely   become   blessed  today,
And all my wishes    have been fulfilled today ,
And lord, today all my actions  have become fruitful,
Oh,  king   compared   to the earlier   days,
Our  treasury has   grown ten times.
The elephants  , chariots  , horses have  ,
Grown beyond thought  and have grown several times.
Since your grace   was with me ,
I was able to protect   this kingdom.
And you sir cannot  give away  this kingdom,
And so please  protect   your kingdom,  us and this entire world,
For you sir , there  is no  other job , Oh treasure of mercy,

6.35  Rajyabhishekam


Itham paranja Bharathane  kandavar  ,
Yethrayum  param prasamsichu vazhthinar,
SAnthushtanaya   Raghukula nadhanum ,
Andharmudhaa vimanena manena poi,
Nandigrame  Bharathasrame chennu adha ,
Mandam maheethalam  thannil iranginaan,
Pushpakamaya  vimanathe   manichu ,
Chil purushan   arul cheythaan anantharam.

All those   who saw  Bharatha  who told this,
Praised   him a lot    and blessed  him.
The son of the Raghu clan   who was satisfied,
With joy went  by the plane went   to Nandigrama  ,
After being respected  and went   to,
Bharatha’s hermitage  and got down on earth  slowly .
He then respected  the Pushpaka plane,
And the   divine person   later   told.

“Chennu vahikka  nee  Vaisravanan   thanne  ,
Munne kanakku   viseshichu nee  mudhaa,
Vannedu jnan    niroopikkunna nerathu,
Ninne virodhikkayilla orutharnum.”
Yennarul   cheythathu kettu   vandhichu poi,
Chennu Alakapuri    pukku  Vimanavum.
Sodaranodum   Vasishtanaam   aacharya  ,
Padam namakarichu  Raghu nayakan  ,
AAseervachanavum   cheythu  mahasanam,
AAsu   koduthu  Vasishta  muneendranum,
Desika ajnayaa    bhadrasane   bhuvi,
Dasaradhi  irunnu   aruleedinaan.

“Now you go and start carrying Khubera like earlier
  Specially , you have  to  come here   happily   when I call you,
And nobody will prevent you from coming.”
Hearing    that  , Pushapaka Vimana    saluted,
Rama    and went back  to Alakapuri,
Along with  his brother ,   Rama   saluted ,
The feet of his Guru   Vassishta  ,
The great sage Vasishta  blessed him    and
 The great seat  was given to  sage  Vasishta,
And with the permission    of   the teacher .
That Rama   sat    on the throne  .

Appol  bharathanum  kekaya puthriyum,
Ulpala    sambhava   puthran Vasishtanum,
Vama  devaadhi  Maha muni  vargavum,
Bhoomi   devothamanmarum  amathyarum,
Lakshmi  pathiyaya  Ramanodanneram.

Then Bharatha    and Kaikeyi,
As well as  Vasishta the   son of Brahma,
Great  Sages   called   Vamadeva  ,
Brahmins    and ministers ,
Requested  , please  protect this world  ,
To Rama  , the consort of Lakshmi   at that   time.

Brahma  swaroopanaam   athma raman   , easwaran,
Janma  nasadhikalillatha   Mangalan,
Nirmalan   nithyan  , nirupaman, adwayan,
Nirmaman  Nishkalan  Nirgunan   avyayan,
Chinmayan  , jangama jangam  andhargathan,
Sanmayan  Sathya swaroopan   sanathanan,
Than maha maayaya  sarva lokangalum,
Nirmichu   rakshichu  samharikunnavan,
Ingane   yangavar    chonnathu  kettalavu,
Ingithajnan Manda hasa  purassaram  ,
“Manase  khedam undakarathu  aarkkume ,
Jnan  Ayodhyadhipanai   vasikkamallo  ,
Yengil   athinu  orukedukellam” yennu  ,
Pankaja  lochana anujnayaa   sambramaal,
Aasu  poornakshnai   Sathrugnanum  thadhaa ,
Smasunikrunthakanmaare  varuthinaan.

“That Rama   of the soul   is   the   form of Brahman  , God,
The auspicious one who does not have  birth or death,
Pure one  , One who is forever  , one who cannot be compared, one who does  not have two,
Unselfish one  , one who does not have stains  , one without properties, one who is change less ,
The divine one  , the one who is moving and not moving things,
One who is  full of good , one who is form of truth  , one who is primeval,
And he using   his great illusion  creates ,
Upkeeps    and destroys  all the worlds,”
Hearing this as told by them ,
That one skilled in expression    along with a smile told ,
“Let none of you have  any sorrow in mind,
I would  live    as the king   of Ayodhya,
So  , you may please make arrangements “
Once the lotus   eyed one told this ,
With alacrity  Shatrugna with eyes   full of tears,
Immediately    sent for the barbers.

SAmbharavum  abhishekartham   yevarum,
SAmbharicheedinaar   aananda   chethasaa,
Lakshmanan thanum Bharatha  kumaranum ,
Rakshovaranum  , Divakara  putharnum,
Mumbe  Jada bhara   sodhanayum cheythu,
SAmpoorna modham    kulichu  Divyambaram poondu,
Malyanya   lepadhya alankarnkal,
AAndu  kuthoohalam   kaikondu   anaratham,
Sri Rama devanum   Lakshmananum punar,
Aaroodamodham  alangaricheedinaar  ,
Shobhayode   bharathan   kundaladhikal,
Aabharanangal   yellam anuroopamai,
Janaki deviye   raja  naree  janam,
Manichu   alangarichar  athiu mudhaa,
Vanara  nari janathinnum  Kousalya  ,
Thaan  aadara   alankarangal  nalkinaal.

Collection of material for the  sacred  bath,
Was done by everyone   with happiness.
Lakshmana    as well as Bharatha  ,
Along with Rakshasa   chief,  son of Sun God,
First    cut off    Rama’s   matted hair,
And   with great happiness   he took bath,
Wore divine cloths  , garlands  , ointments,
And make up   and all people   became   extremely happy,
Then they further   with great  happiness ,
Decorated   Rama as well as Lakshmana  ,
With ear   studs  and matching     ornaments    given by Bharatha.
The Royal ladies   decorated  Sita,
With great respect   and happiness.
Kausalya gave  ornaments  and ,
Other decoration to the monkey ladies.

Anneram athra  Sumanthrar  Maha Radham,
Nannai chamachu  yojippichu  nirthinaan,
Rajarajan, manu veeran , Dhaya  paran,
Rajayogyam maha syandhanam  yerinaan,
Soorya   thanayanum   Angadha   veeranum,
Maruthi thanum , Vibheeshananum  thadhaa ,
Divyambaranadhya  alankarena  ,
Divya  gaja aswa   radangalil ammaru  ,
Nadannu akambadiyai  nadaneedinaar  .
Sitayum Sugreeva pathikal aadhiyum,
Vanara   narimaarum vahanangalil ,
Sena parivrutha marai anaratham,
Pimbe badannithuSAnkha nadathodum,
Gambheera vadhya ghoshangalodum  thadhaa ,
Saradhya vela kaikondan    Bharathanum,
Charu venchamaram nakthamcharendranum ,
Swethatha pathram   pidichu SAthrugnanum  ,
Sodaran   divya  vyajanvum  veeyinaan.

 At that time  Sumanthra   brought ,
The big chariot   after   decorating   it,
The king of  kings, the valorous man , the merciful one ,
Along with a royal splendour got in   to the chariot.
Sugreeva   , the hero Angadha , Hanuman  and Vibheeshana ,
Dressed in divine ornaments   and other decorations  ,
Along with divine  elephants, Chariots and horses,
As accompaniments walked   as company  ,
Sita  , wives  of Sugreeva  and other monkey ladies,
Travelled in vehicles along with company  of army ,
Behind them  the conches were blown   as well as,
Various  musical   instruments   were  played,
Bharatha  became the charioteer ,
The   white chowries  were waved  by Vibheeshana,
SAthrugna  held the white round fans  ,
And  another brother   waved  the fans.

Manusha  Vesham dharicha  chamanjulla,
Vanarendramaar   pathinayirm undu,
Varendranmaar   kazhthil yeri,
Parivara jangalumai nadaneedinaar  ,
Raman yivannam   yezhunnellum nearthu,
Ramamarum  chennu  harmyangal   yerinaar,
Kannin    aananda pooram   purusham param.
Punya purushamalokya narijanam,
Gheha   dharmangalu okke   marunnullil,
Moha  paravasamnaarai   maruvinaar.

There were   ten thousand  monkey lords,
Who had dressed as men  , And they rode  ,
On the necks    of royal elephants,
And their assistants   walked  along,
When Rama    was   marching  like this ,
The ladies   also   went  outside their houses,
Seeing that divine man who was a feast to the eyes,
Who   is  the blessed man , those ladies,
Forgot all their household chores ,
And were  very  much attracted  by him.

Mandam mandam chennu   Raghavan vasava-,
Mandira thulymaam  thathalayam kandu,
Vandhichu akam pukku   mathavu than  padam,
Vandhichu  anya  pithru priyammareyum,
Preethyaa Bharatha kumaranodu anneram,
AAsthaaya    chonnan avilambitham , “Bhavan,
Bhanu thanayanum  , nakncharebdranum ,
Vanara   nayakanmaarkkum   yadhochitham,
Soukhyena  vazhvathinnu oro grahangalil,
Aakkuka , venam avare  viraye   nee.”
Yennathu kettu   cheythaan bharathanum  ,
Chennu  avaraoro   gruhangalil   mevinaar.

Slowly and slowly    Rama went   and saw,
His father’s palace equivalent to Indra’s palace  ,
He saluted went inside  saluted his mother’s feet,
And also saluted  the other   wives of his father,
And   with love    told   his  brother Bharatha
At that time  “You please make arrangements to ,
See that  Sugreeva  , Vibheeshana   and other  ,
Monkey Lords   to stay comfortably  in separate  houses,
This should be done quickly,” hearing this  ,
Bharatha   went and   made  arrangements ,
To allot individual houses   for all of them.

Sugrrevanodu  paranju Bharathan ,
“agrajannu   yippol   abhisheka karmavum,
Mangalamammaru nee  kazhichidenam,
Anganadhikalodum    yadha vidhi,
Nalu samudarthilum   chennu theerthavum,
Kaale  varuthuga  , mum binal vendathum,
Yengilo  Jambhavanum  marul puthranum,
Angadhan thanum   Sushenanum  vaikathe  ,
Swarna kalasangal   thannil   malayaja 
Parnena   vaiketti    variyam purichu ,
Kondu variga  “yennu  ayacholam avar  ,
KOndu vannedinaar    angane sathwaram.

Bharatha    told   Sugreeva,
“We have to give sacred  bath to elder brother,
You have   to  get it done auspiciously ,
 Along    with ladies   as per   rules.
Please get water   from the four seas,
Early  as   it is now first required.
Jambhava  ,  Hanuman, Angadha ,
And Sushena   were asked to bring ,
The waters in golden pot  , with,
Their mouth covered with sandal leaves,
After  they are  filled with water.”
And when he sent them to do it,
They brought  it immediately.

Punya nadhee jalam pushkaram  aadhiyaam,
Anya theerthangali ulla  salilavum,
Okke  varuthi  mathulla  padarthangal,
Markata   vrundam varuthinar  thalkshane.
SAthrugnanum   amathyoughavumai  mathu,
Shudha   padarthangal sambaricheedinaar.
Rathna simhasane   Ramaneyum cherthu ,
Pathnyeyum vama bhage   vinivesya ,
Vamadevan  muni Jabali , Gauthaman,
Valmiki   yennavarodum Vasishtanaam  ,
DEsikan Brahmana sreshtanmaarodu  koodi,
Dasaradhikku abhishekavum cheythithu.

Waters from sacred rivers , lotus  ,
And water    from other sacred sources ,
And also     other materials  that  are needed,
Were  all immediately brought   by monkey gropus.
Sathrugna  along with ministers   collected,
All other pure products   needed.
In the gem studded   throne  Rama sat,
And to his left   sat  Sita   and
Sages  Vamadeva, Jabali  , Gauthama  ,
Valmiki  and along with them Vasishta who was their Guru,
Along with great   Brahmins  ,
Gave   the sacred   bath to   the son of Dasaratha.

Ponnin kalasangal aayirathettum,
Angu anyunasobham   japichaar marakalum,
Nakthancharendranum Vanara   veeranum,
Rathna dandam poonda   chamaram veeyinaar ,
SAthrugna veeran  kuta pidicheedinaan,
Kshatriya veerarum   upacharicheedinaar  ,
Loka palarum    upa devatha marum,
AAkasa marge   pugazhunnu  ninnedinaar,
Maruthan kayil koduthayachaan  divya,
Haaram Mahendran manu kula nadannu  ,
Sarva  rathnojjwalamaya  haram  punar ,
OOrweeswaranum   alankaricheedinaar.

They then chanted   the Vedas  keeping.
The one thousand eight   pots  of gold,
The lord of Rakshasa   as well the monkey warrior,
Fanned with  a fan having gem studded handle.
The valorous Sathrughna held   the umbrella,
And many  heroes of royal lineage did other  helps,
The keepers of the world and minor   devas,
Stood all over the sky praising him,
Devendra send a divine   Garland  ,
Studded   with all  precious   gems  ,
In the hands   of the   God of wind,
To the king of human race   ,
And the lord of earth   wore  it.

Deva Gandharwa  Yaksha   apasaro vrundavum,
Deva devesawarane Bhajicheedinaar  ,
Poorna bhakthyaa  pushpa   vrushtiyum cheythu,
Karunya nidhiye  bhajichithu yellavarum,
“Snighadha   doorva dala   syamalam  komalam,
Padma pathrekshanam   Soorya koti prabham,
Hara  kireeta   virajitham  Raghavam,
Mara  samana lavanyam  manoharam,
Peethambara  pari shohitham  bhoodaram,
Sithayaa  Vamanga   samsthaaya rajitham,
Raja rajendram  Raghu kula   nayakam,
Rajeeva  bandhava  vamsa  samudhbhavam,
Ravana nasanam Ramam Dhayaparam,
SEvakabheeshtadham sevyamanaamayam,
Bhakthi  kai kondu  maadeviyodum   vannu,
Bharhanum appol   sthuthichu  thudanginaan.”

Devas, Gandarwas , Yakshas and Apsara  groups,
Started  praying that   God of gods  ,
They also   rained  flowers on him with full devotion,
And they all started praying that   treasure of mercy,
“He who is  black like   the doorva leaves , he   who is pretty,
He who has eyes like lotus leaves  , He who shines like billions of suns,
The Raghava who shines in garlands and crown,
Who is pretty and  has beauty like  god of love ,
He who looks after earth   and shines in yellow   silk,
He who shines   with   Sita   on his left side,
King of kings,  lord of Raghu clan,
He who is born in the clan of  friend of lotus flower(sun),
He who killed Ravana , Rama   who is divinely merciful,
He who is dear   to those who serve him .
He who serves   and is free from all ills,
And at that   time with devotion  Goddess Parvathi came there,
And then Lord    Shiva   started   praising him,

“Ramaya   sakthiyukthaya   Namo nama,
Shyamala komala roopaya namo nama,
Kundalee nadha thalppaya namo nama ,
Kundala  manditha gandaaya   they nama,
Sri Rama devaya   Simasanasthaaya,
Hara  kireeta dharaaya   namo nama,
Aadhi madhyantha henaaya   namo nama ,
Veda swaroopaaya   Ramaya  they nama ,
Vedantha vedhyaya  Vishnave they nama ,
Vedajna  vandhyaya    nithyaya   they nama,
Chandra choodan  pugazhnnoru neram   Vibhu,
Devendranum    Bhakthyaa   pugazthi thudanginaan,
“Brahma varam  kondu ahamkruthanayoru  ,
Durmadhameriya    Ravana   Rakshasan,
Malpadam yellamm  adakkinnan kasmalan,
Thal puthran yenne bandhichu maha rane  ,
Thal prasadathaal avan  mruthan aakayaal ,
Ippol yenikku labhichu Soukhyvum,
Annannu   yivaannam oro tharam apathu,
Vannal athum  theerthu rakshichu kolluvaan,
Ithra karunyam orutharkku millennathu,
Uthama Purusha, jnan parayenamo?,
Yellam bhaval karuna balam  menni,
Mathillaralambanam  Nadha  , Namosthuthe.”

Salutations   to Rama who is strong,
Salutations to one who is black and handsome,
Salutations to one who sleeps on Aadisesha,
Salutatiions to one who wears  ear studs in ears and garlands in neck,
Salutations    to the god Rama   who sits on the throne,
And wears  necklaces   and crown,
Salutation to one who does not have beginning , middle and end,
Salutations to Rama who is the form of Vedas,
Salutations to Vishnu who is being studied by Vedas,
Salutations to the ever present one   who is saluted by expert in Vedas,””
And after being thus praised  thus  by Lord Shiva  ,
Devendra also started praising him with devotion,
“ The  bad Rakshasa called Ravana  becoming  proud,
Because   of the boons of Brahma ,
That   rogue  took away my position ,
And his son put me in prison in the great  war,
And by your grace   now he is dead,
And because of that I got a pleasant life,
Oh  very great Purusha,  no one has as much mercy  as you,
To save  me as and when such danger comes ,
Is there a need    for me to tell this ,
And all this is due to the strength of your mercy,
And I do not have  support except   in you  , Oh Lord ,. Salutations.

Aadhithya   Rudra vasu pramukhanmaarum,
AAdhitheyothamanmarum athu neram,
AAsara  vamsa   vinasaanakiya   ,
Dasarathiye   vevere  pugazhthinaar  ,
“Yajna   bhagangal yellam   adakki kondaan,
Ajnaniyakiya    Ravana   Rakshasan,
Thal kadakshatal  athokke  labhichithu,
Dukhavum theernithu   jnangallu   deivame,
Thwal pada  padmam bhajippathinnu yeppozhum,
Chil Purusha  prabho , nalkedanugraham,
Ramaya   Rajeeva nethraya  , lokabhi,
Ramaya   Sithabhiramana   namo nama.”

Sun  , Rudra, Vasus and other   nobles,
And all great  devas   at that time  ,
Praised   separately Rama,
Who is the destroyer  of Rakshasa  clan,
“He took for himself   our shares  from fire sacrifices,
That    ignorant   Rakshasa   called   Ravana,
And by your merciful look we got it back,
And Oh god, thus our sorrows came to an end ,
Oh divine person , oh lord  give us blessing,
For us always  praying your lotus like feet,
Salutations to Rama who  has lotus like eyes ,
Who is beauty of  the world  , and,
Who is also handsome one of Sita.”

Bhakthyaa  pithrukkalum  Sri Ramabhadrane,
Chithamazhinju  pugazhthi thudanginaar  ,
“Dushtanaam Ravanan   nashtanaayan   innu,
Thustarai vannithu  jnangalum deivame,
Pushtiyum vachithu  loka trayathingal,
Ishtiyum  undayithu    ishta labhathinaal,
Pindodhakangal  udhikkaya karanam,
Dandavum theernnithu   jnangalku  deivame.”

With devotion  manes   with a melted mind  ,
Started  praising   the God Rama Bhadra,
“Today the very bad Ravana   is no more,
Oh god we have come here   with happiness,
Happiness  has again come in the three worlds,
And  fire sacrifices are now offered ,
For   the fulfillment  of   all desires,
And because  rice balls and water  is being offered,
Oh god, our punishment    has   come to an end.”

Yakshanmarokke   Sthuthichar anantharam,
Raksho vinasanagiya   Ramane  ,
“Rakshithamaarai chamanjithu  jnangalum,
Rakshovarane    vadhicha  moolam bhavan,
Paksheendra vahana  , papa vinasana  ,
Raksha, raksha  Prabho  , nithyam namosthuthe,”
Gandarva sanghavum   okke  Sthuthuchithu,
Vankthikandanthakan thanne   niramayam,
“Andhanaam   Ravanban thanne   bhatappettu  ,
SAnthatham    jnangal   olichu kidannathum,
Innu thudangi   thava    charithrangalum  ,
Nannai sthuthichu   padi  kodanaratham,
SAncharikkam ini   karunya varidhe,
Nin  charanambujam   nithyam namo  nama.”

Afterwards   the Yakshas praised  ,
Rama who is the destroyer  of  Rakshasas,
“We have   now become protected,
Because   you killed the lord of Rakshasas,
Oh Lord , who rides  on  king of birds , oh destroyer of sins,
Protect us  Lord, we salute you   daily,”
Then the group of Gandharwas started praying,
The  killer   of Ravana , who is untainted,
“Fearing that  blind Ravana  ,
We were    in hiding always,
And from today onwards,
We can  pray  and sing your stories  always,
And travel all over the place , Oh treasure of mercy ,
We salute   your lotus like feet    daily.”

KInnaranmaarum  pugazhnnu  thudanginaar,
Mannavan  thanne  manoharamaam vannam
“Durnayameriya   Rakshasa   rajane  ,
Konnu  kalanjudan   jnangale    rakshicha,
Ninne   bhajippan  avakasamundai  ,
Vannathum ninnude  karunya vaibhavam,
Pannaga thalpe  vasikkum bhavat  padam,
Vandamahe  vayam  vandhamahe   vayam.”

Then  Kinnaras  started praising   ,
That king    in a very pretty  way,
“You    saved us all  by killing  that  Ravana,
With a very bad character   ,
We   have now a  chance   to pray you,
And this is because   of the strength  of your mercy,
We  salute  you , we salute you,
You who   are   sleeping  on the  snake.”

KImpurushanmaar param purushan padam,
SAmbhavya   bhakthyaa  pugazhnnar    athi drutham,
“Kambithanmaarai  vayam bhayam  poondu olichu,
Yen pothi  , Ravanan yennu  kelkkum neram,
Ambaramarge nadakkumarilini ,
Nin pada padmam  bhajikkai  varename .”
Sidha   samoohavum appol   mano radham,
Sidhicha moolam pugazhthi   thudanginaar  ,
“Yudhe  Dasagreevane konnu jnangalkku  ,
Chitha bhayam  therrtha  Karunya varidhe,
Rakthavindaravindabha  poonda   bhaval padam,
Nithyam namo , namo nithyam  , namo nama.”
Vidhyadaranmaarum athyadharam   poondu  ,
Gadhya  padhyadhikal   kondu  pugazhthinaar  ,
“Vidhwajjanangalkkum ullil  thiriyathe  ,
Thathwathmane  , paramatmane  they nama.”

Kimpurushas speedily started   praising  ,
With great devotion   the feet  of that divine  god,
“When we heard   the name of Ravana  ,
Shivering  with fear   we used to hide ,
And were   not able to walk in the sky,
And   so we must be able   to sing about your feet.”,
At that  time Sidhas   whose  wish was fulfilled ,
Started   praising, “Oh ocean of  mercy,
Who killed the ten headed one in  war,
And completely cured our mental fear,
We daily salute  , daily salute  and salute,
Your feet  which has the luster  of red lotus flower.”
And then  great  Vidhyadharas  started ,
Praising  him with prose   and poetry  ,
“Salutations  to the divine   God,
Who is the soul of philosophy  ,
Which is not understood  ,
By even   very  wise  people.”

Charu roopam   thedum  Apsarasaam ganam,
Charananmar  , uraganmar  , maruthukkal,
Thumburu   , Narada   guhyaka vrundavum,
Ambara charikal    mathullavarkalum  ,
Spashta    varnodhyun  madhura padangalaal,
THushtyaa  kanakke   sthuthichoranantharam,
Ramachandra angrahena  samastharum,
Kama laabhena   nija nija mandhiram,
Prapichu Tharaka Brahmavum   dhyanichu  ,
THapa  thrayavum agannu   vannedinaar.

The Apasara   group who search for the pretty form,
Charanas, Uragas, Maruths , Thumburu , Narada and Guhyakas,
And all other people   who dwell   in the sky  ,
With   sweet words   with pregnant  meaning,
Prayed him    till they were  satisfied.
And then with the blessings  of  Rama,
With   desires   fulfilled  they  reached   their homes.
And after  reaching there  they meditated  on Rama  ,
And lived    without   the three types of sufferings.

SAchil  para brahma  poornam  Athmanandam,
Achyutham  Adhvayam   , yekam anamayam,
Bhavanayaa  bhagawal  padambhojavum,
Sevichirunnar   jagat traya   vasikal,
Simhasanopari Sitaya   samyutham,
Simha parakramam  Suryakodi prabham,
Sodara   vanara   thapasa    Rakshasa,
Bhoodeva   vrunda  nishevyamanam  param,
Ramabhisheka   theerthadra   vigraham,
Syamalm  komalam  chamikara prabham,
Chandra bimbananam  charvathabhujam,
Chandrika   mandahasojjwalam  Raghavam,
Dhyanippavarku   abeeshtaspadam   kandu   kandu,
AAnandam   ul kondu  irunnithellavarum.

Thinking of   the lotus like   feet of that god,
 Who is Filled    with   the true   divine Brahmam who makes soul joyful,
Who is Achyutha  , who cannot be divided  , who is alone   and who is free  of all ills,
The   inhabitants of the three words served him.
Sitting on the throne was   that Rama , as valorous as a lion ,,
And who was   shining  like billions of Suns  along   with Sita,
Whose bodies were drenched by the water used for the holy bath,
And who were   served by  brothers, monkeys  ,sages,
Rakshasas  and the   Brahmin groups 
And that   Rama   who was black , pretty  , shining  like gold,
Was resembling the full moon  and was having long perfect hands.
And was shining   the atmosphere   with his  moon like smile,
Was fulfilling desires of  all those   thinking about him,
And all people   seeing and seeing him   were extremely joyous.


6.36 Vanaradhikalkku  Anugraham

Blessings to the   monkeys.

Viswambara  paripalanavum cheythu,
Viswanadhan   vasichidum  dasanthare  ,
SAsya sampoornamai   vannithavaniyum,
Uthsava   yukthangalai gruhangalum,
Vrukshangal yellam   athi swadu samyuktha  ,
Pakwangalodu kalarnnu ninnedunnu.
Durgandha  pushpangal akkala moozhiyil,
Sad gandha   yukthangalai  vannithokkave  .

When the lord of the universe   was ,
Ruling over   the universe and living,
The earth   was   full of  healthy crops,
All  houses   were  fit to celebrate  ,
All trees were  standing   with ,
Very tastey   ripe    fruits,
And in the earth  all the flowers with bad smell ,
 Were    giving rise   to sweet  smell.

Noorayiram thuragangal  pasukkalum,
Nooru noorayithail param pinneyum,
Muppathu kodi  suvarna   bharangalum,
Subrahmanarkku   koduthu Raghuthaman.
Vasthra abharana malyangal asankhyamai ,
Pruthwee  surothamanmarkku  nalgedinaan,
Suvarna   rathnojjwalam malyam  mahaprabham,
Varna vaichithrym anagham   anupamam,
Aadhithya puthrannu nalkinaan aadharaal,
AAdhitheya adhipa  puthra thanayannum,
Angada dwandwam  koduthor anantharam,
Mangala pangiyaam  sitakku  nalginaan,
Meruvum  loka thrayamum kodukkilum ,
Poraa  vila athinnu angine ulloru,
Haram koduthu athu kandu  Vaidheehiyum,
Param prasadhichu mandasmithanwitham,
Kanda desathingal   ninnu angu yeduthittu  .
Randu kai kondum   pidichu  nokkedinaal ,
Bharthru mukhabjavum  Maruthi vakthravum,
Madhye  mani maya magiya   haravum.

That Rama gave  to good Brahmins  ,
Hundred thousand   horses   and cows,
And gold  loads  of  thirty crores,
Added   with   hundred , hundred thousands,
He also gave those   devas  of the earth,
Cloths , ornaments    and garlands ,
Which is beyond the possibility of counting.
He gave  greatly shining gem studded  gold necklace,
Which is without faults  and incomparable  ,
And which   was coloured   and peculiar.
To Sugreeva  , the son of Sun God.
After he gave two   armlets   to   ,
The son of the son of   Indra,
He gave    to Sita who had an    auspicious   form,
  A necklace  whose cost  would  be more than ,
The price of all the three worlds  as well as Meru,
And Sita  was very happy   with it  and with a smile,
Wore it   in her neck and saw  it again,
Holding it with both her   hands and saw ,
Her husband’s face, Hanuman’s   neck ,
 And in the middle   that gem studded necklace.

Ingithajnan  Purushothaman anneram,
Mangala devathayodu   chollinaan,
“Yikkandavarkalil ishtanakunnathu  aar,
Ul kamalathil ninakku  manohare,
Nalgeedu avannunee matharumilla  ,
Nin aakruthabangam varuthavan  omale.”
Yennathu kettu  chirichu Vaidehiyum,
Mandam  vilichuhu Hanumannu nalkinaal,
Haravum poondu Vilanginaan yethavum,
Maruthiyum paramananda   samyutham.

That great Purusha  who knows  the will of her mind,
Told the auspicious  goddess,
“Oh pretty  one among the people  here,
Whom do you really  like and  to him,
If you give   it to him, here there is no one,
Who will go against  your wish, darling,”
Hearing that  Sita laughed, and,
Slowly called Hanuman   and gave him,
The necklace  and Hanuman  wearing 
That necklace    was looking extremely happy.

Anjaliyodum thirumumbil  ninnedum,
Anjana puthrane kandu Raghuvaran,
Mandam arike  vilichu arul cheythithan,
AAnanda  paravasanai  maduraksharaM,
“Marutha nandana, Vendum varathe nee,
Veera, varichhu kol , madiyathe,”
Yennatrhu kettu vandhichu kapeendranum,
Mannavan thannodu apekshichu arulinaan,
“Swamin prabho, Nin thiruvadi thannude,
Namavum charu charithravum ulla nal,
Bhoomiyil  vazhuvaan anugrahicheedanam,
Rama namam kettu kolvan  anaratham,
Rama japa   smarana  sravanangalil,
Mamamka manase  thrupthi varraa vibho,
Mathu  varam   mama venda dhayaanidhe  ,
Muthum ilakkamillathoru  bhakthiyum,
Undayirikkanam, “  yennathu kettoru,
Pundarikakshanam, anugraham   nalginaan.

Rama seeing the son of Anjana  ,
Who was standing saluting    him,
Slowly called him  and with ,
Great  joy  and with sweet words  told,
“Son of wind god, Oh valorous one  ,
You demand any boon that   you want,
Without any hesitation, “ hearing that  ,
The king of monkeys    saluted him,
And requested  the king as follows,
“God, Lord  ,  till your name and ,
Your pretty story  exists, bless  me,
To  live   in this earth and to always hear the name  of rAma,
For  by hearing the name   of Rama,
My  mind would   never get satisfied,
I do not want any other boon, Oh treasure of mercy,
Also I should have   always firm devotion to you.”
Hearing that  , the lotus eyed one   blessed him.

“Mal kadayulla naal  mukthanai  vazhga nee,
Bhakthi konde  varoo  brahmathwavum sakhe  “
Janaki deviyum   bhoganubhoothikal  ,
Thane variga yennu   anugrahicheedinaal.
Ananda bhashpa   pareethakshan aayavan,
Veenu namaskruthya   pinneyum pinneyum,
Rama Sitajnayaa   param panipettu,
Rama Padabjavum  chinthich chinthichu,
Chennu  jimachalam pukku thapasinnai  ,
Pinne Guhane vilichu   manuvaran,
“Gacha sakhe , puram srungivaram bhavamn,
Macharithrangalum chinthicu vazhga nee.
Bhogangalellam bhujichuchiram  punar,
Yeka bhavam bhaichheduga   yennodu nee.”

“Till my story exists, please live , you please,
Live with detachment , Oh friend  only,
Through   devotion you can merge  in Brahmam.”
Sita also blessed him to live  a life of happiness.
He whose eyes became  filled with tears of joy,
Again and again  he  fell on the ground and saluted,
Rama and Sita and with their permission,
With great  difficulty , thinking  of  the  lotus feet of Rama,
Went   and reached   Himalayas   for penance .
Then that great   human being called   Guha and told,
“Hey friend, Please go to   Srungivara,
And live there  thinking of my stories,
Enjoy all pleasures and later ,
Get the feeling of oneness   with me .”

Divyambara aabharanangalellam kodutha,
Avyaja bhakthannu   yathra vazhanginaan.
Prema bharena   viyoga dukham kondu,
Ramanal aslishtanaya   guhan thadhaa,
Ganga nadhi   parishobithamayoru  ,
Srungi veeram pravesichu  maruvnaan ,
Moolyamillatha    vasthrabharanangalum,
Malya kalabha  hari chandhanadhiyum,
Pinneyum pinneyum venduvolam   nalki,
Mannavan  gadagadam  punarnnadharaal  ,
Markata nayakanmaarkkum koduthu poi,
Kishkinda   pugennu  ayachu aruleedinaan,
Sugreevanum   viyogena dukham kondu  ,
Kishkinda pukku   maruvinaan.

After giving   divine  cloths and ornaments  ,
He bid farewell to that   great   devotee.
With burden of love   and sorrow  of parting,
Guha    who was embraced by   Rama,
Went and lived in Srungivara ,
Which  is made pretty   by  the river  Ganga,
After giving  the priceless   cloths and ornaments,
Garlands    and sandal pastes  again and again,
Till they were satisfied  the king  hugged,
Tightly   the  monkey chiefs  and requested ,
Them to   go back to their town Kishkinda.
Sugreeva   sad because   of the parting,
Went to Kishkinda   and lived there  happily.

Sita janakanayidum   Janakane  ,
Prethiyode  paranju Asleshavum  cheythu,
Sitaye kondu  kodipichu orotharam ,
Noothana  pattambara aabharanadhiyum,
Nalkii Videha   rajyathinnu pogennu  ,
Pulgi kanivodu yathra   vazhanginaan.
Kasi   Rajavinnum  Vasthra   aabharangal,
Aasayanandam   varumaru nalginaan.
Pinne   mathulla   nrupanmaarkku okkave  ,
Mannavan nirmala  bhooshanadhyangalum,
SAmmana poorvam koduthayacheedinaan.
Sammodham ul kondu  poyaar avargalum.

Rama after pleasantly talking , hugged,
Janaka   the father  of Sita   and  made.
Sita give him  a very peculiar   new  silk cloth,
And also ornaments  and  requested   him,
To     go back to his Videha  kingdom,
And   embraced him    and bid him farewell ,
He also gave  cloths    and ornaments  ,
To  king of Kasi  with  love so that  he became  happy,
And then   for all other   kings,
This king  gave  pure  ornaments  and ,
With great  happiness    they left to their places.

Nakthancharendran  Vibheeshanan anneram,
Bhakthyaa  namaskarichaan   charanambujam,
“Mithramai  nee  thunachoru moolam   mama,
SAthrukkale    jjayichen  oru jathi jnan,
AAchandratharakam   lankayil vaazhga   nee ,
Nasam   arikalal   undakayilla they  ,
Yenne marannu  pokathe   niroopichu  ,
Punya janadhipanai vasicheededo .

The Rakshasa   chief    Vibheeshana   at that  time,
Saluted with devotion   his lotus like feet,
“Due to your helping    me as   a friend,
Somehow   I have won over   enemies,
You please live in Lanka   as long as moon and stars live ,
For you destruction  will  not take place due to enemies,
Do not   forget   me   and   with proper thought ,
Live as a pious   chief   of the people  .”

Vishnu lingatheyum  poojichu nithyavum,
Vishnu  paarayananaai   Vishudhathamana,
Mukthanai   vaneeduka “  yennu  niyogichu,
Muktha   phalamani swarnabharanangalum  ,
AAvolavum koduthasu   poovan  ayachu,
AAvirmudhaa  punarneedinaan  pinneyum,
Chithe  viyoga dukham kondu  kannu neer,
Athyartham ithuithu  veenum  vanangiyum,
Gadgadavarnena   yathrayum chollinaan  ,
Nirgamichan oru jathi Vibheeshanan,
Lankayil chennu  suhrudd  janathodum,
Athangam ozhinju   sukhichu   vaneedinaan.

Live   in a detached way   worshipping  ,
Idol  of Vishnu   as a devotee  of Vishnu  ,
And as pure   person, “ said   Rama,
He gave him   pearl , jewels   and   ,
Golden ornaments  and bid him  farewell.
With sorrow    he again embraced  him,
Due to the sorrow of parting   and due to that  ,
Shedding tears   drop by drop and saluting  ,
And telling farewell in a tottering voice  .
Somehow Vibheeshana  started from there.
After going    to Lanka  along with friends,
He  lead a pleasant life   reducing the sorrow.

6.37  Sri Ramande  Rajyabhara  phalam.

The result   of  Rama’s rule.

Janaki deviyodu  koodi  Raghavan,
Aanandam ul kondu  Rajabhoganvitham,
Aswamedhadhiyaam  yagangalum cheythu  ,
Viswa pavithrayaam keerthiyum pongichu,
Nissesha    soukhyam   varuthi prajakalkku  ,
Viswamellam paripalicharulinaan.

Along with Sita Lord Rama,
Lived happily with royal pleasures,
And conducted  fire sacrifices  like Aswamedha,
And  increased his fame   to the level of the world,
And  also brought  perfectly happy life   to citizens,
And ruled   all over   the earth.

Vaidavya   dukham vanithamarkkilloru,
Vyadhi bhayavum   orutharkkum illallo,
Sasya  paripoornayallo   Dharithriyum,
Dasyu bhayavum   orutharkkum  illallo ,
Bala maranam   agappedarilla  ,
Kaale   varshikkumallo ghanangalum,
Rama pooja paranmaar  naranmaar   bhuvi,
Ramane  dhyanikkum yevarum  santhatham,
Varnasramangal  thanikku thanikkullathu,
Onnum ilakkam varuthikillarume.

No one suffered the sorrow  of widowhood,
No one had fear of any diseases,
The  earth   was lush with all crops,
There was no childhood deaths ,
The clouds gave rise  to rain in time,
Those   who  were  interested in Rama worship,
Always   meditated   on Rama  ,
And people   followed   their    professions,
That were marked by   their  caste.

Yellavanum  undu anukamba   manase  ,
Nallathu ozhinjoru   chintha illa aarkkume,
Nokkumarillarume  para  dharangale  ,
Orkkukayumilla   para   dravyam aarume ,
Indriya nigraham   yellavanum undu  ,
Nindayumilla   parasparam   aarkkume,
Nandanamare   pithavu  rakshikkunna,
Vannam   prajakale    rakshihu   Raghvan,
SAketha vasiklaaya    janangalkku  ,
LOkanthara    sukham  yenthonnu  ithil param?
Vaikunta   loka   bhogathinnu  thulyamai,
Soka mohangal agannu   meveedinaar .

Everyone had   pity   in   his mind,
No one had any thought which was not good,
No one   looked at anybody else’s   wife,
No one thought  of other person’s wealth,
All people  were  able to control their senses,
No one had   any  hatred against anyone else,
 Rama looked  after   all his citizens,
Like a father  looking after   their sons.
To the people   who lived  in Ayodhya,
What  other  pleasures  were  needed?
They  lived as if living in Vaikunta,
Without  any sorrow or   attachment.

6.38 Ramayanathinde   phalasruthi

The effect of reading Ramayana.

Adhyathma   Ramayanam  idham yethrayum,
Athythamothamam mrutyunjaya proktham,
Adhyayanam  cheykil marthayana jjanmanaa,
Mukthi  sidhikkum  athinilla  samsayam,
Maithrikaram dhana dhanya   vrudhi pradham,
SAthru  vinasanam  aarogya vardhanam,
Derga aayur artha pradham  pavithram param.
Soukhyapradham  sakalabheeshta   sadakam ,
Bhakthyaa padikkilum cholkilum  thalkshane ,
Mukthanayidum Maha pathakangalaal.

This   Adhyathma  Ramayana  is  best  among the best,
Leads to  victory over   death ,
And if it is learnt  there  is  no doubt,
That   human beings   will  get  salvation.
It would increase   friendship  and increase  wealth   and food,
It would destroy enemies,  increase  health,
It leads to increase in life span and wealth , is pure and divine,
It leads to pleasure filled life and leads  to realization of all  desires,
If it is read  or heard    with devotion , immediately,
He   would get   freedom from  effects of great crimes.

Arthabhilakshi   labhikum mahadhanam,
Puthrabhilakshi    suputhraneyum  thadhaa,
Sidhikkum   aarya janangalaal  sammatham,
Vidhyabhilakshi   maha budhanai varum,
Vandhya yuvathi kettedugil  nalloru,
SAnthathiyum undam avalkkennu  nirnayam.

He who desires   wealth will get lot of wealth,
He who desires son  would get a good son,
He would get recognition from   good men,
He who wants knowledge , would  become  a  very wise man,
If a barren woman   hears   this ,
It is definite   that  she will bear   child.

Badhnayullavan  mukthanai vannedum,
Arthi kettedugil  arthavanai varum,
Durgangal yellam jayikkai varum ,
Athi dukithan kelkkil , sukhiyai varumavan,
Bheethan ithu kelkkil nirbhayanai varum,
Vyadhithan kelkkil  anathuranai varum.

He who is imprisoned   would come out free ,
One who has desires if he hears   would get his desires fulfilled,
The  very sad one   would win over  all difficulties,
And   would become one   having pleasured life  ,
If one who is scared hears this  , he would  get  rid of fears,
If a sick man   hears this    he would become healthy.

Bhootha  daivathnothamayudan   undakum,
Aadhikal yellam   akannu pom nirnayam,
Deva   pithru  gana    thapasa   mukhyanmar,
Yevarum yetham  prasadhikkummathyaram,
Kalmasham  mellam makalum mathellam,
Darmartha  kama  mokshangal sadhicheedum.

All those   sufferings which come   from  ,
Ghosts  and devas would go away, it is certain,
Devas, manes   and great sages,
Would become greatly pleased with you,
All draw backs would go away ,
And he would  get dharma   wealth   and  salvation .

Adhyathma   Ramayanam  Parameswaran,
Adri suthaykku    upadesichithadaraal,
Nithyavum   sudha bhhudhyaa   guru bhakthi poondu,
Adhyayanam   cheykilum  mudhaa  kelkkilum,
Sidhikkum    yella abheeshtam  menningine ,
Badha modham  paramartham ithokkave  ,
Bhakthyaa paranju adangi  kili paithalum  ,
Chitham thelinju  kettu Mahalokarum

Lord Shiva  told this Adhyathma Ramayana  ,
To the   daughter   of the mountain  with love,
Daily with pure mind with  devotion to Guru,
If this read or at least heard,
All   your desires    would be fulfilled,
With great   joy, this is the real truth,
The Parrot     told this  and kept quite,
And this was heard with a  clear mind   by all.

Ithi  Adhyathmya Ramayane    Uma Maheswara   Samvadhe  ,
                        Yudha kandam sampatham

Thus ends on    the chapter  of war,
Which occurs  in the discussion between  Shiva and Parvathi ,
In the   Adhyathma    Ramayana.