Sunday, July 22, 2012

Note from the translator

Today is the seventh day of the Ramayana month. Till today(I started the work on may 10th)  I have  completed  the transliteration  and translation of  Five kandas of  Adhyathma Ramayana. The next chapter is the Yudha Kanda. In Adhytama Ramayana it is the biggest chapter. Though  I want to complete  it before the end of  the Ramayana month , I am not very confidant. I know the work is not done by me but by God , making poor me as an instrument. To make as much of my translation as possible available to the readers, I propose to post the translation of  Yudha Kanda in three parts. Please pray for me and elders (I am 73) please bless me.
    I would like to share  one incident that took place  while I was doing the translation. I had just started translation of Kishkinda Kanda and  had gone out of my computer room. When I came back  a big monkey was  silently sitting near my computer. Scared  I drove it out. The same thing happened when I started  the translation of Sundara kanda. I live in Koramangala, a posh area of Bangalore in a third  floor apartment. Rarely monkeys do come here. But so far none of them have come inside the apartment.  I believe  that it is a sign of God. May be I am very foolish and read  things which are not there.
    I have a humble request to all those visit this portal. This is most probably the first time that  Ezhuthachan’s  Adfhyathma Ramayana  is being translated  in to English. A famous translation in to English of the Sanskrit  original  exists. Please  tell  your Malayali  friends about this translation attempt.May God bless  all my visitors. You can contact me by e mail ramya475 at


  1. No one can tell what will happen tomorrow
    For life is a journey of joy and sorrow

    Where no one gets to sleep on the roses
    Where no one sees what life really posses

    Because every moment that is due to come
    carries in it the mysterious sum

    Where things are both good and bad
    And things are all painful and glad

    Comes in and knocks at your door
    Because that's why in your life is store

    And that's why no one can forsee tomorrow
    For life is a mystery has both joys and sorrow.

  2. It seems once King Dharma puthra asked a beggar to come next day morning to receive alms. Bhima his brother started celebrating because his brother was very sure that he would live till next day morning . In spite of this story , all of us do similar actions,

  3. Volcano, power, respect it
    Earthquake, power, respect it
    Lightning, power, respect it
    Fire, power, respect it
    Flood, power, respect it
    Hurricane, power, respect it
    Addiction, power, respect it

    Volcano kills, watch out
    Earthquake kills, watch out
    Lightning kills, watch out
    Fire kills, watch out
    Flood kills, watch out
    Hurricane kills, watch out
    Addiction kills, watch out
    With all due respect i bow my head down to you Sir for all that you have achieved, hopw to see you in person soon, god willing.

  4. Thank you so much for the translation. I started reading Ramayana for the first time in my life (Im 25 yrs old). My father reads it every year during Ramayana month. This is the first effort from my side. This is very helpful. I don't have the book, I am using the online pdf version. I understand most parts. Some parts when it is not clear for me, I refer to your blog so that I completely understand the meaning. I am praying to God that I should be able to finish reading by the end of Ramayana month. You will be in my prayers. Thanks very much again!

  5. I thank you for using my translation to understand the meaning , when it is not clear to you. I am 73 and am struggling to try to complete my translation by the end of Ramayana Masam. May God bless you, Ramachander

    1. I started Yudharambham today. I was wondering if you were able to complete the second part of Yudha kandam? When I read I get the context. But since I am using your translation for the most part to get the exact meaning, I feel incomplete while reading the verses now. :) No Pressure intended. I was just curious to know if you are planning to post the next part any time this week.

  6. I would be completing the part up to killing of Ravana today and post it tomorrow. God willing I will post the rest on August 15th . May God bless you, Ramachander

  7. Sir... you have doing a great service to us fellow humans. Aap ke mano kamna sidh ho.
    Jai Sita Ram